Black to basics

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Since none of my bikinis fit anymore, I had to go out and get a couple of pairs for a beach trip. I have to say, it is weird to buy swimwear (or even underwear) two sizes up. It doesn’t feel like my body at all, which I’ve already expected since I got pregnant but never really realized until a few weeks ago. I guess seeing it for myself inside the dressing room, when I asked to try a swimsuit in the next size up and find it out it was still too small made it all real. I’ve always worn a size small for pretty much everything, so to wear a large (these days I need more fabric to cover my booty) was a surprise for me, but in the end I was just thankful I had something to wear that fits well. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this black bikini from ETAM a lot this summer. It just feels so snug and comfortable, not to mention it holds everything in place. This coverup from Sfera is so cute, I wear it to the beach and the city–it pretty much goes with everything.


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