Garden state

IMG_2935IMG_2943IMG_3006IMG_2927 IMG_2941 IMG_2987I have to say, I would never have found this place on my own if it weren’t for my show, Trending Now. Hirado City is beautiful–small, quaint and quiet, it is worlds apart from busy Tokyo. Located at the west end of Kyushu Island, Hirado became Japan’s first international trading port 400 years ago. It is filled with history and culture, and blessed with an incredible landscape that offers rolling hills, white sand beaches and the best wagyu beef in Japan. I was on location that day, shooting my spiels for the show when I chanced upon this pretty garden. I just had to shoot here. My dress is from Details, coat from Suiteblanco, scarf from Loro Piana, tights from Vero Moda and beanie and leather gloves from H&M.

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