My Mothercare Baby Shower

This pregnancy is going by fast! I can’t believe I am now on my 29th week, which means I only have 11 weeks to go before this baby boy comes out. Pretty soon Ill be counting the days before d-day, which quite honestly gets me a little anxious, a little nervous and a lot excited just thinking about it. There are still SO MANY things we need to prepare for this baby–the nursery is nowhere near ready, and we are only starting to buy the necessities.

Thank God for baby showers! This is a must for every mom-t0-be, as family and friends pitch in to gift you with what you need for your baby and shower you with love and great baby advice. (If you have a baby on the way, I suggest you give your best friend or sister a nudge to throw you one, or pay it forward and throw one for a close friend or family member–they will surely appreciate it.) My best friends Bianca Fernandez (who is also my sister-in-law), Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Nicole Hernandez-delos Angeles planned this shower with Mothercare, who was generous enough to sponsor the venue, food, refreshments and gifts. (THANK YOU, Mothercare!!!) My girls ironed out all the details and threw me the most amazing baby shower: Bia was in-charge of coordination, sponsors and logistics; Banks handled party styling, games and the guest list; and Nicole worked on all the decorations for the event. The result: a beautiful, unforgettable baby shower.

It really was such a happy event. It was held at PAUL Boulangerie at the Bench Tower last Sunday, and was attended by my close family and friends. I was so touched that so many of them came out to celebrate with me–it really means so much to me that most of my loved ones were there. Of course, the food was extraordinary! I’ve always loved the food at PAUL, and this time was even better as they prepared my favorites. There were games, prizes, baby advice and plenty of presents! Baby showers may just be my next favorite event, after my birthday and Christmas. I felt so loved, and I’m sure our baby boy felt it, too. We really cannot wait to meet him and shower him with love and plenty of TLC!

Scroll down to see photos from this awesome baby shower.

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Huge thanks to Mariel Bartolome of Mothercare for throwing me this amazing baby shower. It went beyond all my expectations and I absolutely love all your gifts! My husband Carlos and I thank you!!! And our little baby boy thanks you as well. Also, BIG THANKS to Niko de Leon and Ben Chan for making this all happen.


I am grateful to PAUL Boulangerie for providing us with the perfect venue for this baby shower. The food and refreshments were just delicious. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the event. Thanks also for taking care of some of the prizes for the games, your macarons are the best.


Thank you again to my girls, Bianca Fernandez, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Nicole Hernandez-delos Angeles for going above and beyond with planning this baby shower. I feel so loved!


Thank you Pond’s, TRESemme and Dove for pampering me and my guests with your products.


Thank you, Ryan Ong for taking time from your busy schedule to document and shoot my baby shower. Your photos are fantastic!


Thank you to all the brands who were so generous with their presents:

RYN_1357 RYN_1358 RYN_1362RYN_1363  RYN_1367 RYN_1372  RYN_1375





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