Love back to you, Mom!

This year is the first time I’m celebrating Mother’s Day. I have to say, it’s a little weird since I haven’t given birth yet. I keep thinking I’m not a mom until the baby comes out, but then again, my baby boy is getting heavier by the day and his kicks are getting stronger. He is definitely letting his presence felt, so yeah, I guess in a way I am a mom already! I didn’t think Carlos would be the type to celebrate this occasion, but to my surprise–he wanted to treat me to lunch! I thought this was super sweet, since we don’t really go out so much anymore. Our “dates” usually happen at home when he cooks for me (which I am completely happy with), so for us to go out to celebrate Mother’s Day is kind of a big deal.

I decided I wanted a delicious, hearty meal at one of my favorite restaurants, so we had lunch at Mary Grace Cafe. I’ve eaten here countless times, so I knew exactly what to order. Their pizzas and pastas are always great choices (I love their Margherita Pizza and Spicy Lemon Scampi and Chorizo & Green Olive Pasta), and lately I’ve been craving for their cakes and pastries (Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake and their famous Cheese Rolls), so it was really a no brainer. I suggested we do a pre-Mother’s Day lunch since we will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday with my family at home, with my mom as the star, of course. It was the sweetest lunch–Carlos made sure I was happy and smiling the whole day (though I usually am on most dates with him) and I got to order everything I wanted. It felt great to be appreciated, and now I finally know how it feels to be the celebrant on Mother’s Day!

Now, I dont think my very limited experience as a mom (it is really zero at this point) can ever compare to what my Mama has done for me, Papa and my siblings. First of all, she gave birth to FOUR kids, which I cannot imagine myself doing. These past seven months of being pregnant have already been a roller coaster ride for me–I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to have that many children. Then, of course, she had to raise all of us, which was no easy task considering we were such crazy kids. Imagine having to fulfill the needs and wants of each child, having to discipline and teach us, and going through the daily grind of waking us up, bathing us, getting us changed and ready for school, feeding us, bringing us to school and other extra curricular activities, picking us up, feeding us again, tutoring us with our homework, breaking fights and making sure we were friends again, feeding us again, spending quality time with us, getting us ready for bed, making sure we went to bed on time, checking up on us if we were really sleeping, and then it starts all over again the next day x 4! Doing all that for a couple of decades (plus going to work from Monday to Friday, paying the bills and doing countless errands) deserves a special day, which is why it is so important that we celebrate Mother’s Day! I can only hope I will be able to be the kind of mom she is to us, she has really been the pillar of strength in our family as she keeps things running smoothly every day. (I love you, Mama!)

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Like my Mama, I have a sweet tooth. I love cakes, which is why it is always a treat for me to dine in Mary Grace Cafe or swing by one of their kiosks. I usually get their Strawberry Shortcake when I am expecting guests at home, and for family dinners on Sunday I bring a Chocolate Truffle cake or Apple Pie. I think this Sunday Mama will be especially pleased, because I will be bringing a new Mary Grace cake for her: the Caramel Vanilla Bean Cake. This is the latest Mother’s Day offering by Mary Grace–it is made with homemade caramel in between layers of chiffon cake, covered with vanilla bean frosting and finished with caramelized flakes. I got to try a slice at my pre-Mother’s Day lunch and it was heavenly! It is definitely a new favorite of mine, and is available at all Mary Grace Cafes and Kiosks. What I love about this cake is you can have it personalized (for the mini and whole cakes). All you need to do is inquire in any of their branches to get this complimentary service.

The best part about this is that all profits made from the Mother’s Day sale of the Caramel Vanilla Bean Cake on May 10, 2015 will go to a special Heart School workshop. Heart School’s mission is to provide creative education programs for underprivileged children in the Philippines. To know more about this non-profit initiative, visit their Facebook page: HeartSchoolPH and Instagram account: @heartschoolph.


IMG_6810IMG_6795 IMG_6804

Oh and if you and your mom are fans of the other cakes at Mary Grace, the Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Black Velvet, Sansrival, Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Mousse are all available in MINI SIZES, which you can easily personalize for Mother’s Day. Mary Grace will also be releasing three (3) original Postcard Designs by Watercolor Artist ARLENE SY. These postcards will be offered for free to Mary Grace patrons from May 8-10, 2015. You can write a special message for your moms at the back of these postcards. You can give these lovely postcards directly to your mom on Mother’s Day or you can attach it to the box of your Caramel Vanilla Bean Cake or Mini Cakes.

Postcard 3 FRONT Postcard 2 FRONT Postcard 1 FRONT

Mini Cake Post (REV3 no social media handles)

Let’s all honor our Moms this Mother’s Day with words that speak volumes, and messages that touch, encourage and pay tribute to the best and most wonderful women in our lives.
Love Back to You, MOM!
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