Mother’s Day shopping at Marks & Spencer

I have to admit, I can’t remember the last time Mama and I went shopping together. This really isn’t our kind of mother-daughter activity, which is surprising, because apparently, we both love shopping. Funny that I had to find this out when Marks & Spencer invited us to a Mother’s Day shopping day. I had a lot of fun picking out outfits for Mama to wear, and she had a blast modeling them (seriously, I was okay with two outfits, and she asked for a third one). Mama was so easy to dress up (something I never did before) because really, everything looks good on her. I enjoyed seeing her in different styles and trends, and I was so pleased because in the end she got most of the items I picked out for her. It was refreshing to see her wearing new styles, and at the same time I also discovered what designs she likes.

Marks & Spencer Bonifacio High Street Central was the perfect place to take Mama shopping. They have distinct styles to suit every kind of mom–their collections are timeless, easy to wear and fit oh-so-well. I loved the tailored, structured looks on Mama, and surprisingly, she loved wearing their jeggings (she got them in every color). I expected her to be drawn to their skirts and dresses, but she ended up getting more tops and pants which she could easily mix and match. Mama also liked the heels I made her try which turned out to be very comfortable. She didn’t remove them throughout our mini photo shoot!

If you still don’t have a gift for Mother’s Day, I suggest you take her on a shopping trip at Marks & Spencer. It really is such a fun, bonding experience. I can’t believe we’ve never done this before! Take advantage of their super Mother’s Day promos:

April 26- May 10 Promos
20% off on all Women’s Fragrances
Buy One Get 50% Off on Women’s Jewelry (Discount on lower priced item)
May 10 Promo
20% off on All Womenswear
May 10-30 Promo
20% Off Women’s Socks & Underwear

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my Mama and to all moms out there!!! 


  1. katrinamabele Reply

    Hi kelly! The sandals you’re wearing in the picture with your mom is so pretty! May I know where it’s from? Thank you!! 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hello! The white sandals are from SM Parisian–they’re super affordable and comfy. 🙂

      1. katrinamabele Reply

        They’re so pretty!!! And because of you will shop na in parisian lol 🙂 hihi! Take care always!!

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