Oh Boy! Kelly & Patty’s Cudsly Baby Shower

This pregnancy has been an unbelievable journey so far. I know I am just nearing the finish line and have plenty of life-changing experiences to go through when this little one arrives, but I just have to say, I feel so lucky and blessed to have wonderful family and friends to support me all throughout this pregnancy. It hasn’t been easy–the roller coaster emotions, epic hormones and crazy body changes are definitely challenging (and still more changes are happening every day), but it’s all a little easier when you’ve got a solid support group and friends who are going through the same life stages.

One of these friends is Patty Laurel-Filart. I’ve known this girl for years and years, since we both started modeling, and it seems that we are somehow connected because we celebrate milestones at almost the same time and we have a lot of things in common. This pregnancy is one of those milestones, because she and I are on the same week (both 31 this week) and it is both our first pregnancies. It really is kind of great to get to share something like this with a friend, because I am assured I always have someone to talk to about the littlest things–like food cravings, sleeping positions and stretch marks–and later on when it comes to breastfeeding, nursery schools and healthy lunch options. Patty has been a constant companion through all the aches and pains, and when no-one understands hehehe, which is why I was more than happy to celebrate this baby shower with her.

This happy event took us a few months to “plan” (Patty and I really took a backseat with this, credit goes to the hardworking team who made this all possible). We got together with the amazing people of CUDSLY.com (shout out to these super women: Anna Abiol and Chesca David), who rounded up the best products from their site and generously gave them as gifts for Patty and I at this shower. The gifts were UNBELIEVABLE–I am still organizing them today, or at least attempting to fit them in our nursery. Our baby boys got so much and we are forever grateful for each and every supplier who gave us presents. These are essentials every mom dreams of having, and really, Carlos and I still couldn’t believe how much we’ve received from this baby shower. This baby boy is so lucky!!!



Of course, I need to give props to the “dream team” who made it all possible: EVENTS BY MARGE, K BY CUNANAN and HAPPY FOLKS STUDIO–thank you so much for putting together this fantastic event for us!!!

All the nitty gritty things that needed to be addressed to mount an event like this were all handled by Marge Montemayor. I’ve worked with her before for our Spring Fling event last year and I absolutely love her. Think of her as your very own Olivia Pope–she handles all problems even before they come up. Marge, you are our champion! And thanks for bringing in ghost chairs by Olive Tree and giveaways from Print Cafe, I love how everything came together for this.

For event styling and food, we have Kaye Cunanan-Gonzales to thank! WOW, just wow. She really outdid herself for this event and produced a beautiful spread–the decorations, food and all the little things in between, perfection!!! The theme was colorful and cool (we didn’t want the traditional type of baby shower theme) and Kaye effortlessly brought it to life.

Oh and big thank you to R.Space for providing the venue! This events place is super accessible and easy to dress up, we are so happy we were able to do our event there. And for all the pretty images you see below, we have Happy Folks Studio to thank–I didn’t even notice the team taking photos. I love, love, LOVE how you were able to capture every moment!!! THANK YOU!





It was an especially hot day that day but it was made bearable with yummy ice cream by Bono Gelato. All the guests enjoyed their extraordinary flavors, like Cookie Monster, Movie Night and Belgian Chocolate. I had a couple of cups to myself (my favorite was Cookie Monster) and I think for a time I was just stationed right beside the cart to easily get refill scoop after scoop hehehe. Thank you, Bono Gelato for supplying us with a cart! This is such a great idea for any party. Thanks again, Zarah Manikan and Treena Tecson!



Oh and if you were wondering who made that super cool cake, it was by THE DELIGHTFUL MISS JOYCE! We showed her the invitation for the event and she came up with a super cool paint splatter design cake. The best part: it was so yummy (it had a raspberry and lime filling)!! Thanks, Joyce Urieta for making this gorgeous cake, and also providing super good lace cookies for our guests to take home. Also, we greeted Patty a ‘Happy Birthday’ during the shower and Joyce made another cake just for her! Thank you.


Our hosts for the event: THANK YOU, Cat Juan-Ledesma and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio for being such great, animated hosts. The games were so much more fun with you guys in charge. And all the wonderful prizes for our guests: thank you, Delsey, Taal Vista Hotel and Amparo’s Apothecary!!!

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These are ALL OUR GIFTS from Cudsly.com!!! It really was a mountain of products just for our baby boys. We are incredibly lucky to have Cudsly throw this shower for us. Thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!! Also, special thanks to Arms Reach for giving Patty and I our own co-sleepers! This is something I’ve wanted from the start, and to have them give us exactly the model we wanted was such a treat. Carlos and I cannot thank you enough, Cudsly and Arms Reach!!! And lastly, thank you Mich Araullo for designing our dresses!!! Patty and I were in theme, thanks to your bright, pretty dresses. Love them!

AA2_9154 AA2_9115 AA2_9166TON_2840AA2_9487 AA2_9437TON_3212Go to www.cudsly.com for all your mommy-baby needs.


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