Cowgirl Kiddie Party

A cowgirl party! How adorable is that?! My good friend Ros Campa-Gelano did such a wonderful job styling and making all the yummy desserts for her 7-year old daughter’s birthday, I couldn’t help but share it. Everything looked so good, and the desserts were amazing (cactus cupcakes, anyone?). They were such a hit with all the guests, especially with this pregnant lady. Ros is a talented baker at heart (she owns My Little Buttercup Cafe & Bakeshop) and I absolutely love everything she makes. This time she really outdid herself and also styled the party according to theme, which she did beautifully. The party was decorated with plaid, sheriff stars and red neckerchiefs, which the kids all wanted to wear. She even hired some horses for the kids to ride on (the restaurant was conveniently beside a stable, of course), and they loved it! What a great idea. I’m taking notes for my little one’s future parties!

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