Nara turns 1


This is definitely one of the coolest kiddie parties I’ve attended. Why? Because it had a relaxed, happy vibe, we adults were allowed time for kwentuhan, and the kids had an entire farm to explore and play in. It certainly helped that it was Cat Juan-Ledesma (Nara’s momma) who planned the whole thing, because the theme (and feels) is so her!

The #BabyBarangay was complete that day, and we couldn’t help but gush over everything–the merienda (yummy burgers and cheese sliders from Sweet X Manila), drinks (iced chocolate drinks and coffee from Magnum Opus), cookies and cake (from Cakeshop by Sonja), dirty ice cream and giant bubble maker giveaways. All cool. And the decorations–I have to say, stylist/interior designer Kathleen Penaranda really did an amazing job. The mini tent, dreamcatchers, streamers, plants, and little touches here and there made the event Pinterest-worthy. Oh and of course, the venue! The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena was such a hit with the kids. Apart from the animals (I saw cows, carabaos, chickens, horses and ducks), they have giant playgrounds, a carabao-drawn ride and a zipline for kids!

I couldn’t help but snap photos the entire time. This was such a happy occasion. Happy birthday, dear NARA!!! <3

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