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This is it! The last stretch of my pregnancy. I am getting closer by the day as I hit 36 weeks this week. My baby is heavier than ever, and his kicks are getting stronger, it gets the wind knocked off me sometimes. I am starting to feel more uncomfortable, as it is difficult for me to take long car rides and walks. And apart from being constantly out of breath, there’s the heartburn and indigestion, difficulty to find a good sleeping position, and finding something that actually fits me that isn’t too hot or uncomfortable.

Unfortunately the nursery is nowhere near ready, as the furniture we’re having made won’t be ready for a few more weeks. We also haven’t started painting the room, but we are scheduled to start this Sunday (hopefully it pushes thru). But what I am very happy about is despite all the work being done at home, is we are pretty much complete with all the baby things! We just need to buy a car seat tomorrow, and maybe an additional set of bottles and muslin cloths, but we after that we are done! I made a list and checked it three times, and cross-checked it against the lists on my baby books and some mommy websites and yes, I am almost done. And it’s really mostly thanks to for throwing me one of the best baby showers, along with my good friend Patty, who is only days apart from my due date.

Being a soon-to-be newbie mom, I really didn’t know where to shop before I heard about I didn’t know such a complete shopping site existed especially for mommies and babies in the Philippines. If you haven’t checked out the website before, I suggest you do because they have the most complete list of brands and merchandise for everything baby-related. It is actually kind of crazy, because they carry items you would usually find abroad, and it can be delivered to your house in a matter of days. The convenience of it is just amazing, and I would assume new moms would appreciate this since, let’s face it, when the baby is born it will be a couple of weeks before you can plan a life outside your house. I mean, I really thought about it, and imagined having diapers delivered to your house is just heaven-sent–there’s no need to plan a shopping trip to a crowded mall with your newborn or have to send out your husband to do it when he would be much more useful at home with you. Since learning about the website, I’ve been on it everyday, checking what’s new and what’s on sale. It is kind of addicting. They really have the best baby merchandise around, and if you don’t believe me, scroll down this post to see all the amazing things you can buy at

These items were part of our gift list for our baby shower, and was so generous, I couldn’t believe it when I went through everything at home. There is a solution for everything–feeding and nursing, baby bath and skincare, health and safety, things for the nursery, toys and entertainment, moms and maternity, and clothing, shoes and accessories, and the site gifted us with all the baby essentials we will ever need for our little ones. For you new moms who still don’t know if you’ve missed out on anything else for your baby, take a look at the list below. These really are the best things to make your new mommy life easier and these will really help you take care of baby’s needs.

All items are available at

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  1. Micki Allen Reply

    You’re looking so radiant. It’s been a joy taking this journey with you, Beautiful.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      So sweet of you. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

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