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I am fast approaching my due date! I turn 38 weeks this week and I’ve been feeling very, very pregnant. Since last week I’ve taken my maternity leave and lessened on my work load (I’ve just been blogging in my free time). The rest of the time is dedicated to renovating the nursery and preparing the house for our baby boy. It’s been difficult to move around, I’m not going to lie. This baby is extra heavy and I’m having a hard time finding the right sleeping position at night. I can’t complain though, because my husband has been doing everything in his power to make me feel comfortable and I really appreciate all his efforts. He’s been my rock and support person throughout my pregnancy and I am just so lucky to have him around. (Happy Father’s Day, Carlos!)

And because of the very hot weather and my pregnancy hormones, I’ve been all about wearing lightweight, airy fabrics. This white drape-y dress from Vero Moda is perfect for day to night, all you need to do to dress it up is accessorize. For this outfit, I paired it with strappy sandals from Butterfly Twists, earrings from J.Crew (feathers were added to match the dress) and a gold ring from Mango. This maternity shoot was by Mayad Beginnings. I love how easy this shoot was–they took care of the location, set design and hairstylist (I did my own makeup)! And the photos turned out beautifully. You may book your maternity/baby/family shoots through their Facebook account:, and you can check out their Instagram account: @mayadbeginnings.

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