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Even before getting married two and a half years ago, Carlos and I already decided to slowly buy our appliances and furniture for our home. The reason for not wanting to buy everything in one go is we didn’t want to replace each item after a year or two because we got something that was cheap and poorly made. We wanted the things in our home to last, which we knew would cost more money but honestly, right after getting married we didn’t have much of it to spend. As hard as it was we made a conscious effort to choose quality over anything else, and if we couldn’t afford it then we just had to sacrifice and not buy it.

This wasn’t easy. We didn’t have a couch for a year so we couldn’t invite people over, our dining table was only good for two so dinner parties were out of the question, we put up with a single electric burner for some months so cooking was slow and tedious, and we only had one air conditioner, which was in our room so during summer our apartment (and later on house) was stifling hot. Going through all that was okay though, because (1) we survived and (2) we now appreciate all the new additions to our home that make life more comfortable. Of course, our house is not yet 100% complete, but we’ve definitely made A LOT of progress. (Let’s just say we can invite people over, throw dinner parties, cook and bake with ease, and yes, the summer heat isn’t that bad anymore.) Obviously, I love it when we finally get to buy the things we need. There is such a feeling of fulfillment when we finally get to take that item home. It’s like I want to give Carlos and I pats on the back for waiting it out and working hard to be able pay for it. It makes it all worth it!


Now, our newest addition is also the coolest looking appliance we own: it’s the Dyson Cinetic DC52 vacuum cleaner. I think it looks like it belongs in a Transformer movie–its sleek design and cool turbines definitely makes it stand out from all our other appliances. But more than its looks, I think what makes this such a great addition to our home is that it is super powerful, efficient and easy to use. I’ve used vacuum cleaners for most of my life and they are usually just okay for cleaning, which is why initially I didn’t think it was necessary to get one for our house. Generally, what I don’t like about vacuum cleaners is that it takes me a few passes to get all the dust which can be time consuming, cleaning the unit usually results in me making more of a mess, and they are usually too bulky that I can never get to clean corners and hard-to-reach places. I’ve actually given up on vacuum cleaners a long time ago, until I saw the demo of the Dyson Cinetic DC52!

I couldn’t help it. It is every clean freak’s dream come true–a vacuum cleaner that efficiently sucks out all the dust in sight. Just the thought of it makes me happy. Of course, you should know that I am (1) obsessed with cleaning, (2) we have a dog that hangs out on our couch and sleeps in our room, and (3) we have a baby on the way, so our house needs to be extra clean all the time. It usually takes a lot to impress me but from what I’ve seen, the Dyson Cinetic DC52 is so worth it, I was immediately convinced we should have it ASAP.

You must be wondering what makes this particular vacuum cleaner different from all the others. First of all, this vacuum cleaner NEVER loses its suction. Apparently, all other vacuums lose suction without maintenance, especially the bagged ones as its bags need to be changed. Other cylconic vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, often rely on filters to capture dust, which also clog and leads to loss of suction. Well, Dyson Cinetic uses a patented cyclone technology that is so efficient there is no filter maintenance. It uses cyclones with high frequency oscillating tips that vibrate. This prevents the cyclone aperture from clogging, and makes it super efficient at dust separation that no filter maintenance is required (no washing, nothing to replace and really, one less thing to think about). According to its inventor, James Dyson: “Getting rid of bags solved the frustration of my vacuum losing suction. Washing filters–or worse–buying them, is a nuisance. Dyson Cinetic cyclones are so efficient at separating microscopic particles that everything gets thrust into the bin, and you can forget about fussy filters.” So yes, its technology is super advanced that you can rest assured that you will never lose suction from this bad boy, ever (based on their tests, DC52 maintains constant suction after sucking up to 10 years worth of test dust).

Second, the Dyson Cinetic DC52 uses cyclones with flexible tips. I didn’t know this, but smaller cyclones generate higher centrifugal forces and capture smaller particles, but the tighter the cyclone, the more likely it is to block. Dyson engineers have created cyclones with flexible tips, which means the spinning airflow agitates the tips, setting up an oscillation which prevents dust from sticking to the cyclones. This keeps the cyclones clear (amazing engineering technology)!

Next, this vacuum cleaner is engineered to follow with greater control. This really impressed me. The DC52 turns on the spot and follows effortlessly around the home, without the awkward moves. How does it work? It uses a Dyson Ball technology. It sits on a ball and has a low center of gravity, which makes it easier to pull without snagging on corners or on the carpet pile. It also has a unique central system that uses an articulating chassis and central pivot point for dealing with tight turns and circumnavigating sofas. I love that I am now able to use the vacuum cleaner on our tiled floors, our fabric couch and even our wooden blinds, all with ease and precision. Yes, another great thing about it is that it removes dirt and dust from every floor type. DC52’s turbine head has stiff nylon bristles to remove ground-in dirt from carpet, and soft carbon fibre filaments to gently remove dust from hard floors. And there’s no need to adjust anything when moving from one floor to another (WIN).

Lastly, all DC52 vacuums have: hygenic bin emptying (all you need to do is push the button to release the dirt), large bin capacity (DC52 has a large bin, so you dont have to empty it as often), long reach (DC52’s cable, hose and wand provide a total reach of 10 meters), extra tools (all Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home), no extra costs (Dyson cylinder vacuums dont use bags and have washable lifetime filters), 5 year guarantee (all Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums come with a 5 year guarantee for parts and labor).

Since we got it, I have to say this vacuum cleaner is one of the most used appliances in our house. We no longer sweep the floor (I usually get allergies that way as the dust flies around), our couch and mattresses are super clean, we no longer have to worry about dog hair and our car interiors are spotless. The Dyson Cinetic D52 has really become a great addition to our home as it keeps our house clean and our dust allergies at bay. If you’re looking to buy the best vacuum cleaner in the market, this is definitely it.

The Dyson Cinetic DC52 is available in Century City Mall (concept store), Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la, Rustan’s Gateway, Rustan’s Cebu, Abenson Alabang, Abenson Ascott, Anson’s The Link, Robinsons Appliance Magnolia, Robinsons Appliance Eastwood, SM Appliance Rockwell, and SM Appliance Megamall. It is available in Iron/Bright Silver/Sprayed Nickel &Red with an SRP of 48,000.00 For further information, please visit  or contact the service center at or +632 7274092. 

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