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It is no big secret that I LOVE online shopping. It is easy, convenient and I can do it in my pajamas at 3am while snacking on chips, or cookies, or both. While I usually shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and baby stuff, there are days when all I search for are beauty products (I need my fix). Take for instance this past week–it has been all about discovering new makeup brands and researching cult favorites. It must be because I don’t leave the house often (breastfeeding duties) and I kind of miss my trips to my favorite makeup counters. I admit it is a different experience, as I don’t get to try on the makeup or test the creams, but it is a happy and fulfilling experience nonetheless as it usually involves hours of research which leads to great discoveries. This is when I get out of my beauty comfort zone and experiment with new makeup brands, lipstick shades and beauty innovations.

One online shopping site I’ve recently discovered is It is a brand new concept store from Singapore that provides ladies with a one-stop solution for their grooming and personal care needs. It is highly curated, with brands sourced from all over the world and it is honestly a great place to find new brands to try. The site carries more than 500 products from over 50 brands (really, I can spend ALL NIGHT here), including Anna Sui, Jurlique, Klairs, and Glo Minerals, as well as Ghassan, FemmeScience, Margherita Ghel, Storyderm Mark and Denman Brushes.

Last week, I was on the lookout for new mascara, waterproof eyeliner and blusher. And so I got on and found these amazing brands: BLINC and GAYA. I followed my gut feel (and did a bit of research online) and bought these three: Blinc Eyeliner Pencil in Grey, Blinc Mascara Amplified in Dark Brown and Gaya Mineral Blush in BF-1. I am so happy with my purchases, I will definitely stalk this site again soon!


Of course, I had to give the products a go. Here I am trying on the eyeliner and mascara. I already applied the blusher earlier and wasn’t able to take a photo (genius, I know). Anyway, I hope you like how it turned out. I sure did!

IMG_1007IMG_1037 IMG_1038IMG_1048


Visit for more amazing beauty finds. They ship worldwide!


Oh and if you’re looking for an online grooming site for men, be sure to visit They also have a great selection of products.

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