No. 9 Restaurant Cebu


The Baby Barangay has Cat Juan-Ledesma to thank for introducing us to this wonderful restaurant. In case you missed it, our happy chaotic group (composed of five couples, seven babies and six yayas) went on its first vacation and it was to sunny Cebu. We wanted to try something new so she suggested No. 9 Restaurant, which is owned and managed by her childhood friends Iñaki and Pepin Martinez. The restaurant serves their very own family recipes as well as new creations that are both delightful and creative.


We were definitely in for a treat. We were served an amazing spread, with each dish more delicious than the last. That was truly the best lunch I’ve had in ages, and yes, I recommend that everyone try it when in Cebu. It is actually torture for me to write about this now because I am craving some of the dishes here. Their food taste as good as they look!

IMG_9072LENGUA ox tongue, mustard, brioche: This was a different kind of lengua from what I am used to, so this came as a surprise. It was a good surprise though because it was light and tasty. It was especially good served with mustard on the bread.

IMG_9066MENTA LIMONADA Minty Lemonade: This drink!!! It was so refreshing. I don’t usually like lemonade, but this one was just so yummy. I had about three.

IMG_9059PATATAS BRAVAS fried potatos, aioli and brava sauce: A great appetizer. I love potatoes and this was another flavorful way of serving it. Crunchy and savory.

IMG_9069ESCALIVADA 150 marinated grilled eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, slow-cooked egg: Runny eggs make everything better. Haha. Sorry, I am a fan of eggs, and this tasty dish did it for me. Smoky, tangy and flavorful with each bite.

IMG_9085CERDO charcoal grilled 12-hour pork belly, arugula, salsa verde: My favorite out of the lot is also a best-seller at No. 9. The pork was so soft and tender, it practically melts in your mouth. Paired with salsa verde, this was absolutely amazing.

IMG_9078FIDEO NEGRO broken noodles, squid, chorizo, squid ink, aioli: This was a hit with the Baby Barangay. This was so creamy and flavorful–a proof that chorizo and squid make a perfect match. Be warned that this isn’t exactly a first date dish (unless both of you have it). Everyone had black lips and teeth after trying this dish.

IMG_9088IMG_9097CORDERO AL HORNO roasted lamb shoulder: The star of the lunch. This was not yet on the menu when they served it to us (ask your server about it–it is an absolute must-try). This lamb shoulder was roasting the entire day which made it so tender and moist. The meat was tasty and delicious, especially when paired with salsa verde and apple salsa.

IMG_9109PIÑA Y COCO rum cake, pineapple, whipped coconut, cashew nuts: I could finish this entire dish on my own. The pineapple was extra sweet–paired with the rum cake, it made the perfect combo.  

IMG_9160CREMA CATALANA CON MANGO custard, burnt sugar, mango: Think of it as a mango version of creme brûlée. This was all kinds of wonderful.


The Baby Barangay had an exceptional lunch, thank you No. 9!


No. 9 is located at #9 E. Benedicto Street, Cebu

(032) 253 9518


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