Why I finally bought a MIDEA Dryer


We finally have a dryer!!! Carlos has been convincing me to get one for years, but I was so set in my ways I didn’t budge an inch. Of course, now that we have one and our lives are 10x more convenient, I can’t remember why the heck I was so stubborn. I was holding on to a way of life I was used to, but it was not at all efficient, and it really made our lives more difficult.

Now I need to explain what our laundry situation was before so you know what I am talking about. We have a washing machine that has a built-in spinner. The story with that is we were supposed to get one that also doubled as a dryer but I found it too expensive so we settled for the one with just the spinner. I obviously didn’t think things through, because hello, we needed a place to hang and dry the newly-washed clothes and our little townhouse didn’t have a big space to hang all our laundry! And so I bought these plastic mobile clothes dryers (the ones that folded) to hang the wet clothes and parked them in the biggest room in our house, which is the family/hobby room. I immediately knew I had made the wrong decision as soon as we set it up–having our wet clothes in the room was such an eyesore! Imagine, a perfectly nice space stacked with wet clothes, towels and bedsheets. It was seriously a waste of space! Plus, it was embarrassing to have our guests see our laundry displayed that way, all because I wanted to make tipid!

And so YAY for us because we now have a dryer and it is the complete opposite of everything I was afraid of. It is super efficient, affordable and OMG, our laundry smells sooooo good! The best part: I do not need to iron!!! I’ve been dying these past couple of years because of ironing–I HATE IRONING, and I had to endure all of that because I wanted to prove that I was right not to buy the dryer. Now I see how stubborn I can be! I am the WORST. Anyway, I totally admit I was wrong and I have no shame in sharing all of this because this dryer has made our lives easier and happier!


Our wonderful dryer is called the MIDEA Front Load Dryer! Midea, of course, is a well-known brand and is one of the largest producers of major appliances in the world. I have used the dryer for a couple of weeks now, so I can really talk about its functions and features. So far, it has been ALL GOOD. I absolutely love this 6.5-kilogram clothes dryer, not just because it dries our laundry, but because it does it so well. Our laundry comes out super soft and clean, and it smells so good every time. Comparing it to our laundry situation before, this is 1000x better!

Okay, so before our clothes, towels and sheets were ALWAYS hard and wrinkly no matter how much fabric conditioner I used. This was such a mystery to me, because I followed all the laundry tips I found online and even tried advice from family and friends and it would come out the same! That’s why I needed to iron all the time, which was such a pain for me. And don’t get me started about the smell our clothes would get during rainy season. Musty and gross is all I can say. I don’t know how many times we had to repeat washing our clothes because they didn’t dry properly. It was a waste of time and energy, and I had to iron after which was another waste of electricity (see, having no drier was not tipid after all).


What I love about this dryer is that it comes with a humidity sensor to ensure more accurate drying of clothes, and a temperature sensor to adjust the heat of the dryer drum to prevent clothes from being damaged. That was initially one of my fears, that our clothes would end up looking worn and damaged over time because of the dryer. But this one has a feature that totally protects it from overheating so we are safe in that area. It also has heat intensity and variable drying time selectors to enable users to customize the drying process. And as a safety feature, the heat switches off 15 minutes before the end of the drying process, so that clothes can be handled comfortably during retrieval.

I actually just folded Tristan’s clothes before writing this review and now I super enjoy doing it. Before I had to actually iron baby clothes, which was such a pain because they would always get so hard and wrinkly. And they were so difficult to iron because they are so small, which is why we used to have a mountain of dirty laundry all the time because none of us wanted to fold and iron. But now all our laundry is done, and they are super soft and mind you, LINT-FREE! They come out so soft you don’t need to iron them, and they smell so nice. I get so excited now every time the laundry is done because I love folding while the clothes are still warm.

More reasons to buy a Midea dryer: it comes with a worry-free three-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 10-year warranty on its motor and drum, an assurance that you will be using this dryer for many years to come. And really, no matter what season it is, Midea brings efficiency and convenience to laundry days, truly making it the perfect fit for our needs (I’m talking to you, newly weds and new-parents).

Midea’s front-loading washing machine and dryer are available in six kilogram-load models. For details about Midea’s front-loading washing machine and dryer and other household appliances, visit www.Midea.com.ph or  www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

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