Tricks of the Trade: The best spring trends to follow

As much as I try to keep up with hair and makeup trends, there is too much out there every season and I can’t process. Can you share with me your favorite trends?

It seems a new season brings about the same dilemma: which beauty trends do we pick up, and which ones do we leave to the models and celebrities. While our tried and tested, everyday makeup does the trick most of the time, there are days when we feel like venturing out and trying something new. This is a good thing, because naturally we want to look (and feel) young, fresh and on-trend. You wouldn’t want to be stuck wearing the same makeup until you’re 80—that would be boring!

Just how we buy key trend pieces for our wardrobe each season, updating our makeup arsenal is just as important. If you think of it, these usually go hand in hand, as makeup trends are made to complement fashion. So it’s only right that we pay attention to both, so we know what to invest in.

The best part about trends is that we don’t need to follow everything that walks down the runway. We can choose carefully and stringently, and incorporate these to our own personal style. I like following trends because it’s fun, it’s something new and most of the time so simple. Like how wearing a particular lipstick shade can immediately look cool, or how drawing your eyeliner in a different way can lend a modern feel. My only rule for following trends is that if you feel it complements your style, then by all means do it, no matter what age you are.

I’ve listed down my personal favorites (as you requested), hoping that these will inspire you to experiment and try something new and different. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun because this is what trends are all about anyway. It’s all about personal expression, so yes, you are allowed to have fun!


Bright, super matte lipstick. Not only is matte lipstick super flattering, it can also make your skin look good. The science to this is since matte texture absorbs light, our skin’s natural sheen, in contrast, reflects light. This gives our face a fresh, gorgeous highlight, without having to pile on the shimmer. Plus, a bright pop of color in a matte texture looks super modern, and is just the right punctuation for spring’s minimalist trend. I love brick red, tangerine and purplish pink tones—these look fresh worn with just a hint of makeup (a little concealer, beige shadow and contour powder go a long way). Makeup inspiration: Chanel.


Electric blue liner. Instead of using our go-to black gel liner, why not try a bright cobalt blue color? Applying this color is just as easy as the black liner we are used to, but makes a gorgeous statement, especially when worn with a thick line and slightly rounded edges. The trick to wearing electric blue liner is to top the liner with an equally bright eyeshadow powder. This seals the eyeliner in place, and intensifies the color, making it perfect for all-day makeup. Makeup inspiration: Hugo Boss.


Gorgeous skin sheen. There is a way to cheat this, even if you don’t have the best skin. You will need to invest in a good foundation, concealer and a skin highlighter. The idea is to hide blemishes and use a light-reflecting powder to highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin. Just remember you are going for a natural skin sheen and not an oily, shimmery face so go easy on the highlighter. If you have great skin, show it off by using an illuminating moisturizer. This way you have less makeup on your face and you get all that beautiful sheen you want. Makeup inspiration: Tanya Taylor.


Architectural braids. As much as I struggle with braids, this has always been one of my favorite hair trends because it looks so good during summer. Of course, I don’t mean cornrows or beach braids, but more like Dutch braids, which is the classic French braid turned inside out. I prefer to have someone do this for me, so I go to my favorite hairstylist to get this done. But in case you want to attempt to do it yourself, you can follow the hundreds of hair tutorials online. These give you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to get it right. Makeup inspiration: Herve Leger.


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