Tricks of the Trade: 5 beauty habits worth starting this year

Wow, 2016 went by fast. I can’t believe we’ve already started a brand new year! It is time to write our resolutions once again, and try our best to keep them all year. I’ve been thinking, this year my resolutions have to be simple/doable, practical, and they have to make a difference (it doesn’t matter how small). For many years I’ve written grand, life-changing resolutions that were too difficult to keep and I always ended up feeling guilty about not doing them. Well, I won’t make the same mistake this time around–here are my beauty resolutions for 2017:

1.) Clean makeup brushes every week. I know, I know. Leaving my makeup brushes to collect makeup, dirt and bacteria is super gross, and it is one of the things I know I should do all the time, but… (insert excuse here). To be honest, I really forget to do it. It is yet another thing to do on my long list of daily chores, errands and work and sometimes there is really no time to do it. I’ve found that I need to be constantly reminded to do it, so I’ve already written it down on my weekly organizer (I must’ve written it on every other page haha). I cant even begin to imagine how dirty these brushes get, and I use them on my face all the time! This leads to breakouts and clogged pores, or worse, bacterial skin infections. I’ve found that cleaning my makeup brushes using a bar of antibacterial soap does the job. I simply swirl the brushes on the bar of soap and rinse them in a bowl of water or a running tap. Then, I lay them flat on top of a paper towel to dry overnight. Ideally, it is best to wash makeup brushes every time you use them (according to most makeup artists), but I think once every week should be enough since I’m the only one using them. Oh, and if you really want your makeup brushes to be super clean, I suggest you get an EcoMOM Sterilizer. This is really used to sterilize baby bottles, breast pump parts, etc. but you can also use it to sterilize makeup brushes, hairbrushes/combs and even your toothbrush. It uses UV light to kill bacteria, and it also has a built-in dryer! Check this out if you’re a neat freak who needs to have everything clean.

2.) Stick ‘Date Purchased’ labels on my makeup. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now, but again, I keep forgetting. I got the idea from a makeup artist who had put sticker labels on all her makeup and wrote the date she purchased each item. This can be a little tiresome, but it is great practice as you can easily identify (and toss out) old makeup. I can imagine this gets easier once you get started on your old makeup, then all you have to do is to keep adding labels on your new stash. I plan to put colored stickers on the old makeup since I wont remember exactly when I bought them, then the new ones get dates.

3.) Replace my toothbrush every three months. Now, before you judge, can I just say that I don’t forget to do all these things. I can never be too busy or too sleepy to brush my teeth, floss and rinse with mouthwash. I actually keep a complete set of Colgate toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash in each bathroom at home, just so I can remember to do it after every meal. I have this thing about keeping my teeth clean, and I enjoy brushing, flossing and using mouthwash because my mouth feels so minty and fresh after. I stock up on Colgate products so I never run out, which is so ironic because I actually forget to replace my toothbrush regularly! I think it’s because Colgate toothbrushes are made so well and don’t wear out so easily–still though, this is a bad habit, bacteria can build up on your toothbrush and it can lose its effectivity through everyday use. Maybe I need to put a ‘date purchased’ label on my toothbrush as well! What I love about using my Colgate Oral Care regimen is that it keeps my teeth clean and white and my breath super fresh, it gives me confidence to start my day right and to smile! My favorites are Colgate Total toothpaste (helps prevent plaque, gingivitis, cavities, tartar buildup and bad breath), Colgate 360° toothbrush (it has a unique flexible head that cleans teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue and an angled head for great reach), Colgate Total Mint Dental Floss (I really cannot live without dental floss), and Colgate PerioGard (an antiseptic that reduces dental plaque, relieves discomfort of mouth ulcers and aids in the treatment of early gum disease). These are my Colgate essentials, and these are all available for purchase in any store or online via Lazada (

4.) Change pillowcases every week. Not all of us realize that the things we use everyday can cause blackheads or pimples to form. Take for instance our pillowcase: it seems harmless enough and it looks clean but when we press our faces on it night after night, dirt and oil accumulate and cause blemishes. If you think about it, we spend a good number of hours lying down on our pillow, so this is essential. It’s the same case for our cell phones: we constantly touch it and leave it lying around and when we answer a call, dirt and bacteria goes straight to our faces. It pays to be clean; by disinfecting our phones, washing our hands often and keeping the things around us hygienic we can help prevent blackheads.

5.) Have a ME DAY every month and do it all. I think every girl needs this! A total me-day where you can do it all and feel like a million bucks after. I think this is a great investment, because not only do you look good, but you feel great, too! I prefer to do it all in one day–a trim and color, mani/pedi and foot spa, bikini wax, and a Marie France slimming session–so I can save time and energy and its out of the way. This is something I really look forward to, and never get to do enough (these days its every 3-4 months). Yay to me-days (we deserve this, mommas)!

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