Guerlain: My New Makeup

When it comes to lipsticks, I tend to choose matte over glossy or shiny finishes. I think matte lipsticks lend a modern, sophisticated feel while glossy ones look fresh and youthful. This is probably why I wear matte when I mean business (for meetings, events and hosting jobs) and shiny lippies during my days off.

This was, of course, before I discovered Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire new makeup collection. Because now I am officially a gloss/shine convert! The collection features 19 gorgeous shades that any girl would love to have in her makeup arsenal. And each lipstick is light, moisturizing and so pretty! At the launch I went straight for the nudes and pinks and fell in love with the subtle color and shine. And the fruity floral scent of La Petite Robe Noire is infused in the lipstick (in case you didn’t know, this is actually one of Guerlain’s bestselling fragrances), and it smells amazing.


I think what sets this collection apart from all the other lipsticks is its 3-in-1 texture. You can actually wear these lippies in three ways, thanks to its buildable color: one layer for a natural effect in the morning, two layers for a casual chic effect during the day, and three layers for a sophisticated, glamorous effect in the evening. The cocktail of fine oils contained in the formula ensures easy and intuitive application, which means the more you apply the better it looks. Plus, it leaves an ultra shiny color on the lips, with its selection of POP pigments (pure and ultra-luminous pigments), which are coated with a specific resin and delivers a shiny lacquer effect.


I applied and re-applied each lipstick to see which shades are my favorite and these are the four I love:

001 My First Lipstick. This is the perfect first lipstick to gift any tween (this is really the best first lipstick). Seriously, it leaves just the right amount of shimmer on the lips. It is enriched in eosin, which means it reveals the natural color of the lips to deliver a tailor-made twist. Personally, I like wearing this everyday when I’m out doing errands.

002 Pink Tie. This delightful fuchsia–bolder than a traditional red, more vibrant than a pastel–is applied in a single coat for a luminous result. Three successive layers give a florescent–almost neon–pop effect. Such a pretty, pretty color!

003 Red Heels. With a hint of orange, this bright and cheerful red flatters the complexion, bringing warmth to the cheeks and creating a healthy glow. This is such a great look for summer, especially at night!

007 Black Perfecto. It may look a little surprising in the bullet, but it only leaves a very light stain. Eosin, which rivals the lips’ natural color, provides an irresistibly shiny “bitten lips” effect. It is perfect, too, as a top coat, creating a shade with a more sophisticated, rock vibe.



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