Guerlain Beauty Council


I am so happy and proud to be part of the first ever Guerlain Beauty Council! I’ve been a fan of this brand since I became a beauty columnist in 2008. All it took was a swipe of Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick and I was hooked (the color is just wow, and its casing is just so beautiful)–I’ve been wearing (and raving) about the brand ever since! My makeup arsenal has never been without Guerlain’s gorgeous Terracotta bronzers, sparkling Meteorites highlighters and lovely range of Kiss Kiss lipsticks. And of course, my favorite fragrance: Aqua Allegoria in Limon Verde (you have to try all Aqua Allegoria scents–they are wonderful)!

Guerlain threw a little party for its Beauty Ambassadors and it was just lovely. We had sandwiches, macarons and tea from TWG and all the makeup, fragrance and skincare we could get our hands on. Being complete beauty junkies, we tried different makeup looks, sampled their amazing fragrances and got a tutorial on how to apply their skincare. It was seriously like being in a candy shop and being allowed to eat anything we wanted. Ahhhh, perks of being part of the Guerlain Beauty Council!

Now of course, I didn’t forget you, my dear readers. I know how much you love Guerlain too, which is why I am giving you all 20% discount on all skincare, makeup and fragrance at the Guerlain Greenbelt 5 store. All you have to do is use the secret password: KELLYMF (you can just tell the salesperson at the store), which will be valid until the end of June 2016. Head on to the store this weekend (it is between TWG and Balenciaga) and go crazy on your favorite Guerlain products. <3

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