Best Huggies Ever

Yup, there is no doubt about it, I am now an expert at diaper changing! I know, it sounds weird when you say it out loud, but I am kind of proud of this skill. For the past eight months my days have been filled with changing diapers multiple times a day, which means I’ve had A LOT of practice in this area. And this isn’t just at home–I’ve changed diapers in a moving car, on a stroller, outdoors at a beach, at a hotel lobby, several restaurants (I ask permission okay, or I do it when the resto is empty, but–I know…), and many other flat surfaces. Of course, these were done because there were no changing tables nearby (get it together Metro Manila–ADD MORE CHANGING STATIONS PLEASE), and obviously, because Tristan’s diaper was full and I had to change him stat.

It’s funny, the first time I put a diaper on a baby was at the Neonatal ICU, where Tristan was admitted for an infection (he had to be on intravenous antibiotics for week). It was Tristan’s second or third day there when I realized I had no clue how to put on a diaper, so I asked one of the nurses to teach me. I’m glad I asked for help, because the nurse taught me the most efficient, most mess-free way to change a dirty diaper (maybe I’ll do a video how-to in the future).


A baby’s pee and poop is no laughing matter. You think it’s fun the first few times you make a mess, but when you’re dressed or already out, you want to make sure you change that diaper well. I’ve had projectile poop all over my shirt, had Tristan pee straight to my face and had poop on me without me knowing–NOT FUN AT ALL. I mean, okay, now that I write about it, it is a little funny, but back then it was horrible! I’ve experienced it all and more (perks of not having a stay-in nanny), which is probably why I am weirdly proud of my diaper changing skills haha.


Apart from upping my diaper changing game, I’ve learned that I really had to invest in the best diaper. This means less stress and less mess because the diaper will be able to catch and absorb as much pee and poop as much as possible. You’ll also want a diaper brand that is gentle on your baby’s skin, because those rashes are just the worst thing ever. As a new mom, I’ve tried practically all the brands in the market and yes, I can truly say Huggies Ultra Diapers is one of the best. It has Hypoallergenic and PH-balanced material with natural extracts like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile to help keep baby’s skin healthy. Its Cottony Soft pad gives gentle protection for your baby’s delicate skin and it has Soft-Stretchy Ears that offers a snug fit and gentle leakage protection. Plus, it is clinically proven to help prevent rash so you know your baby is getting the best comfort and care he deserves.


I’ve tried Huggies Ultra Diapers in all sizes–from Newborn, Small, Medium, and now Large and I couldn’t be happier with this brand. Tristan gets less mess and spillovers with these diapers, which means less clothing stains and changes, which ultimately makes my life easier. I can proudly recommend Huggies to all you mommas out there–this brand is a tough one to beat.

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