Elise Chalmin x Promod

Promod recently launched its newest collection: a collaboration with textile designer and pattern maker Elise Chalmin, and no surprise here–it is a gorgeous mix of colors and prints. I actually got to wear some of these designs at the L’Art Le Style event, which to my delight involved a lot of mixing and matching. I don’t usually wear print on print, but this time I couldn’t help myself. I loved piling on the printed scarves over the equally vibrant shirts, dresses, jackets and blazers–it was just so much fun! Each piece is colorful and unique, and can easily be worn from day to night. Plus, the fabric was designed by Elise herself, which makes these printed gems so special.

Much like its collaboration with renowned French calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir and French illustrator Clement Dezelus, this collection by Elise Chalmin is stunning and chic. Elise created four exclusive patterns for Promod, and was even instrumental in working on the design of each piece down to the final cut. 10 limited edition pieces will usher in springtime at Promod, and if you haven’t already visited their store, seriously, now is the time!


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