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I have to admit, before Tristan came into our lives things like comfort or quality of fabric really didn’t matter to me. I was more concerned about trends and fashion, rather than investing in apparel that felt soft, rich or luxurious. I don’t know what I was thinking, because really, these are the very things that are worth spending on. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear clothing that feels amazing and lends a great fit? Come to think of it, my favorite articles of clothing are the ones made of super comfortable material or fabric–these get a lot more wear than the trendy ones, so I get more bang for my buck, which is always a good thing.
Having a baby definitely changes your priorities. Now I can’t wear anything tight, constricting, itchy or rough–it’s just not worth the trouble. The same rules apply for my little one, of course. I always make sure Tristan feels nice and comfortable, never too cold or hot, and his clothes all have to be soft, breathable and feel nice against the skin. The few times Tristan gets fussy, I immediately check his clothes if he is comfortable wearing them, and more often than not it is because he is feeling too warm, or his clothes are too tight or constricting.


After months of trying out different baby clothing brands (again there are A LOT of trendy ones, but not all of them are comfortable), I finally found a brand that Tristan loves to wear: it’s a local brand called St. Patrick. I discovered this when a good friend gave it as a gift during Tristan’s baptism. Upon opening the present, I liked it right away because the clothes came in clean whites, baby blues and different shades of beige. The best part about it though was the feel of the fabric: it felt super soft and luxe, which was no surprise because it was made of 100% organic cotton. I washed it right away and made Tristan wear it. He loved it. Usually he would fuss when we would put on a new onesie or shirt on him, but this time he didn’t cry or try to get away. He was actually smiling, which made me love this brand all the more. Of course, my parents came over that evening (we usually have family Sunday dinner at my house) and when my mom carried Tristan she noticed the fabric right away and asked about it. That’s when I knew I had a winner. I would usually get, “oh, his outfit looks so cute or porma“, but never, “wow, his onesie feels so soft”. I never made Tristan wear any other brand ever since, especially at home when we want him to be super comfortable.


So I Googled St. Patrick and found their website. The brand actually has a nice story behind it. It all began in 1985, when a mom wanted to find the perfect clothes for her baby boy and couldn’t find any that was made of 100% cotton. Back then, most garments were made from synthetic content like polyester which can be hard and itchy. She also couldn’t find baby clothes that were easy to put on, so she decided to start her own company that provided these very things. St. Patrick was born, and became the first local premium baby clothing brand! I love that this mom was able to create something that made thousands of babies happy, including mine! And of course, it made me wonder about that baby boy that helped this mom start it all–he is now 27 years old! I actually want to meet him and shake his hand hehehe.


Coincidentally, St. Patrick reached out to me offering to give clothes for Tristan to wear and I had to say yes. I am only one of their many fans, and this is a brand Tristan loves to wear. And they gave so much! Thank you, St. Patrick–I love that you gave Tristan enough clothes to last him until 18 months! Thank you, for making my baby feel nice and comfortable, this is literally his uniform every day!


For all you mommas, St. Patrick baby clothes are available in all SM Department Stores (go straight to the Baby section)! This brand is definitely one of the best, and it’s Philippine-made! Lets support our local brands.


For more information about St. Patrick, go to  

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