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A clean home is a happy home. This is what I learned when Carlos and I moved into our first apartment. This was back in 2012–we had just gotten married and had just realized that when combined, we had A LOT OF STUFF. Naturally, we each had our own set of things from our respective houses and none of us thought to get rid anything until all the boxes arrived at our tiny two-bedroom apartment. Add a mountain of wedding gifts to the picture and you get a house full of CLUTTER.

It took us months to get things sorted. And what we discovered was we didn’t even use half of the stuff in our little home. They were just there, collecting dust. I admit I can be a packrat when it comes to books, magazines, clothes and memorabilia, but this was ridiculous. We couldn’t move freely in our own home, and all this clutter was quickly turning into negative energy. We knew we had to get rid of a lot of these things for us to be able to relax and actually breathe, which is why I am forever thankful I found OLX.

Instead of going through a garage sale, which can be tedious and difficult, (considering all the moving back and forth of stuff we will have to do) we went through OLX. It was a team effort–Carlos took all the photos and I uploaded them and meticulously described each item. This was all relatively easy–really, all you need is a digital camera, a basic idea how much you want to sell each item, and a day or two to upload and describe everything in detail. I have to admit, the hardest part was uploading, but I really had no right to complain because for about three days I comfortably sat in front of my computer with air-conditioning blasting (it was summer) while munching on my favorite snacks. Soon all our unused, old stuff began disappearing and quickly turned into cash (the best part).

For those of you who have been thinking of doing this but haven’t gotten to it, I suggest you do it now. Especially those of you about to get married/move in together–start early to save yourself the trouble of organizing a mountain of stuff. You will thank yourself later for making time to do this! And if you’re still not convinced, this contest might just entice you.

OLX has an ongoing contest called SELLEBRATE Summer! Users (old and new) who will post items for selling in from now until April 8 using their OLX app will get a chance to win exciting prizes: from Php 50,000 to Php 100,000 shopping sprees on OLX weekly, to trips for 4 to places like Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Batanes for the Grand Draw!!! This is so exciting. I announced it on Instagram yesterday and there was a lot of buzz about it (I got all your private messages).

For more information on how to join, click on to

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  1. giselle Reply

    Hi Kelly,

    a random question lang. i want to try waxing kasi this summer. which do you prefer? brazilian or bikini? it will be my first time kasi. thanks

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hello Giselle! Sorry for the late reply. I prefer Brazilian, but since it will be your first time I suggest you do bikini first. 🙂 Go to Strip! They are a bit pricey but less painful and fast.

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