10 ways to use Happy Skin’s Air Touch Sponge

I wanted to share with you a short video tutorial I did for Happy Skin. Its 10 ways to use their newest wonder product: the Air Touch Sponge! Hope you like it. <3

  1. Loree Sy Reply

    Bought this on a whim but, I’ve only used this maybe thrice. Tried it with my Happy Skin Glisten up contour and, wasn’t happy with it. My slanted brush did its job better. Can’t use it for my Mac concealer, too as I find that I get better results when I apply with my fingers. I’ve read that a stippling brush works best for cream and liquid foundations and, I’m starting to think that it’s probably true. In fact, between using my fingers and this sponge to apply my Zit zapper cream, the former produced better results. The reviews on the internet are not so encouraging, either. So now, I’m starting to feel that I made a bad decision to purchase this. I honestly don’t know what to do with this product now. 😕😯😣

    1. kellymisa Reply

      I’m sorry to hear that Loree! 🙁 I’ve found that I love using this product when evening out my foundation and powder. It really produces a flawless, even complexion, which I dont normally get when I apply with brushes. I guess it will depend on your makeup routine, and whether you need an extra tool or not. I think if you’ve found what works for you, you should stick to it! So if that’s using your fingers and brushes, then great! 🙂

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