Original Penguin x Baby Barangay Dads


What a fun celebration, and it was all for the love of our husbands! Original Penguin helped the Baby Barangay plan a surprise dinner, and of course, we went all out! We got them balloons, giant cards, and gifts from Original Penguin! To be honest, we weren’t sure if the men would like this cheesy gesture. But you know what? They actually liked everything, and were so thankful for the gifts, and for choosing a restaurant that served kick-ass pizzas (our yummy dinner was at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza in Serendra BGC).

It is not everyday that we get to thank our wonderful men for taking care of us and being such awesome hands-on dads. So I am glad our group did something nice for them. They deserve our love and appreciation, especially since they equally share the hard work that comes with raising children. HUGE THANKS to ORIGINAL PENGUIN for making this all happen. Our husbands absolutely love their new outfits. <3

Happy Father’s Day, Carlos! Thank you for being the best husband and dad. I love you.

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