A weekend at Pico de Loro


The Fernandezes are definitely beach people. Carlos and I love going to the beach–rain or shine, we find every excuse to go, especially when we’ve been in the city too long (work, traffic and smog can really get to you). Going to the beach is our escape from it all. Of course, lately it’s been more difficult to just pack on a whim and drive to the beach. We now have Tristan to consider, and we need to make sure that the place were going to has everything we need to make our stay happy and comfortable. When before all we would need to pack is swimwear, two outfits and sunscreen, now we need to bring our entire house! No more roughing it for our family haha, which is perfectly okay with me!

When we got an invitation to stay at Pico de Loro for the weekend I immediately did my research. I made sure the resort passed all my requirements and more. Being a mom really changed my priorities, and now I really appreciate resorts and hotels that go the extra mile to cater to families. It can be difficult to enjoy your vacation when you need to think 100x about the safety and comfort of your child, and I’m glad that I didn’t have to worry the entire weekend at Pico de Loro, because they were able to provide everything I need and more. Our family had the best time here.

Since I knew the resort was complete, I brought my parents along. My golly, they had so much fun. I can’t remember the last time we went to the beach as a family, so this trip is truly memorable. Robby and Rose (or Papa and Mama) loved it, because they were with their grandson for the entire weekend. Plus, they actually got to relax because there was nothing for them to plan–Pico de Loro did everything for us and allowed us to explore and enjoy all the amenities, the food, and of course, the beach! They got so spoiled they are now asking when our next trip will be hahaha.

I usually do a round up of my favorite things about a place, and recommend the best things to do, so here they are:

  1. Pico de Loro has clean, spacious rooms with a gorgeous view. I have to say, we truly enjoyed our huge room with wide windows. Being in the city most of the time, we are so deprived of beautiful scenery so I really took the time to just look out the window and take it all in. Our room also had a balcony which I also liked–Carlos and I had coffee here in the mornings. Oh, and since I am obsessed with hotel beds, I have to mention that their bed definitely passed my sleeping test. Our bed was firm (my dad claims its orthopedic) and super comfortable. Fluffy pillows, silky sheets and full blast air-conditioning and I am happy!
  2. Their amenities are complete. There is just so much to do at Pico de Loro. You can swim in their huge pool (they also have a kiddie pool) and lounge at the beach like we did, or you can play badminton, go to the gym, go horseback riding, rent a boat and go exploring, enjoy water activities, go hiking (and climb a mountain), and many more! It is great for people who have an active lifestyle and it is also great for families like us who just like to lounge and eat.
  3. The resort is family friendly. It’s funny, you never really care about these things until you have a family of your own. Bringing a child along really requires so much more out of a resort–there has to be things for the child to do, and most importantly, it has to be safe. To all you mommies and daddies reading this post, I am happy to report that Pico de Loro is child/kid-friendly and there is so much for them to do! They can play to their hearts’ content at Club Pico (every child’s dream playroom), swim in the kiddie pool, ride a pony, go fishing/feed the fish (the lagoon has so many fish) and play with the sand at the beach.
  4. The food is great. There are quite a few restaurants to choose from when you’re staying here and each resto has a wide range of dishes to choose from. Our family enjoyed the Filipino food, definitely! We ate like kings as we tried their buffet lunch/dinners, and also ordered ala carte. Personally, I loved the bulalo, grilled shrimps and kare-kare!
  5. They give the best massages at Rain: The Spa at Pico Sands. When you’re in Pico de Loro, you have to try the Hilot Massage! This wasn’t on the menu when we went so make sure to ask about it. It was just heavenly. My mom and I got it together and we were just so relaxed after.

We definitely enjoyed our weekend at Pico de Loro. Thank you to the amazing staff for taking such good care of us, and to Mai Mislang for the kind invitation. We will be back soon! <3


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    1. Josi Reply

      I’m looking for a clean (really clean beach resort, to be exact!) to celebrate my mom’s 86 bday on July 16-17 weekend. Fyi, we made an effort yeaterday to scout for some place in Laiya. We unfortunately did not like the location, acuatico & aquaverde beach resorts & all the rest. Nothing much to see nor any view for my mom to enjoy. So, I came accross of your blog thru pico sands resort. Please help me. You claimed that it is clean & how much fun your parents had.
      I want to know more.
      Fyi, we had serious problems with hotels in the past because they either stink, dirty or has no nice view.
      Thank you in advance.

      1. kellymisa Reply

        Hello Josi! Well, based on my experience at Pico de Loro, it is very clean (including the beach) and there are plenty of things to do. The place is huge, and there are so many recreational activities that you and your family can do. You can do water sports, hiking, badminton, basketball, karaoke, fishing, and many more. There is also a kiddie playroom and three restaurants to choose from. I think you will enjoy it there.:) The only thing I think I should mention is when I went, there were a lot of people (3 company team building events that weekend), but since the resort is big you wont really them. Except when you’re in the lobby and everyone is checking in, and maybe the swimming pool at 4pm. You can get quiet time naman and go to the beach or find other activities to do to beat the crowd.

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