Uashmama x Baby Barangay


Stylish, well-made, sustainable and eco-friendly. In a world of fast fashion, it is hard to find an accessory brand that has all of these qualities. I guess I have to thank my lucky stars because this brand actually introduced itself to our Baby Barangay group. It is called Uashmama, a company that makes gorgeous bags and homeware out of washable paper. Now, I know the words “washable paper” sound a little confused, because really, since when can you wash paper?! That’s what I also thought initially, until I found out the history behind the company and actually got to touch and feel the material with my own hands. I swear, their products have the same texture as leather, but they are significantly lighter. This is just mind blowing for me, because this company was able to do it using paper! Simply, amazing.


As our mommy group got to know the brand better we couldn’t help but love it more and more. Here is a list of reasons why we love Uashmama:

1. The designs are just so pretty. Their bags and home accessories are timeless, functional, durable and great for everyday use. Seriously, you don’t have to baby it, and the more you use it the better it looks (their products have a chic worn-in look that I absolutely love). Plus, they come in a range of lovely neutrals that just match with everything in my closet and home.

2. Their products are made by artisans from Montecatini, Tuscany, which is why the quality is just amazing. When you look at each of their items they are so well-made and beautiful. I couldn’t help but admire the stitching and craftsmanship, which sadly, we don’t see anymore in our everyday items. With Uashmama you can be assured of its quality, and that it is built to last. Everything is 100% Made in Italy.

3. Uashmama’s washable paper is made of virgin cellulose fiber, which undergoes a treatment that makes it durable and resistant. The result is a unique material that looks and feels like leather but is much lighter, and also washes and folds easily. The manufacturing process is similar to leather–the paper is stretched and tanned, making it durable to withstand washing and daily use.

4. It is eco-friendly. Uashmama washable paper is made using a virgin fibre through cultivation and not deforestation. This paper washes like fabric and holds its form so it can be used over and over again, promoting sustainability that’s perfect for catering and homewares. The company also uses eco-friendly practices such as vegetable tanning (using mimosa vegetable extract) for the leather components (as opposed to chrome tanning).

5. The brand has a great story behind it. Uashmama was born in 2011. It is a family business composed of the parents and four sisters (hence the company name “Le Sorelle”). Marco Marconi, the father, discovered and developed washable paper. They started out by producing bread bags. But upon seeing the versality of the material and the positive market feedback, they’ve grown the product range to include home, table and fashion. To this day, the iconic paper bag remains to be the best selling item across continents.

We were so excited about this brand, we wanted to collaborate and do a shoot with them! We thought this was a great way to showcase Uashmama and get people excited about it. I mean, before we were approached we had no clue this company actually existed. That’s why we want to share this with all of you, because this truly is a brand we love and believe in. We are pretty sure you will love Uashmama just as much as we do. Scroll down to see their amazing range of products. Oh, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram: @uashmama_ph and bookmark their online store: which will be going live very soon!

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Photography: Sheila Catilo

Styling: Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

Hair: Piandre Salon (Patty, Nicole, Cat, Bianca) Lourd Ramos (Kelly)

Location: Paseo 59c

Special thanks to Fiddy Ganzon-Ofrecio for inviting the Baby Barangay to introduce Uashmama to the Philippines.

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