Happy 1st Birthday, Theo!


Tristan’s little buddy, THEO just turned ONE, and the Baby Barangay kiddos were all too happy to help him celebrate at Gymboree Westgate, Alabang. It was a happy day indeed, as all his guests played and explored to their little hearts’ content. Tristan needed a few minutes to warm up to all the music, bubbles and playthings, but soon enough he was playing with his bestie, Juano. This is such a great way to celebrate your kid’s birthday, I highly recommend it as Gymboree has teachers to facilitate a playgroup and the area is super fun and safe. Almost everything is padded!

Happy birthday Theo! We love you so much, little guy. <3

IMG_6724IMG_6729IMG_6740IMG_6748IMG_6867IMG_6910IMG_6750IMG_6764IMG_6769IMG_6849   IMG_6896IMG_6814IMG_6949IMG_6893IMG_6784IMG_6925

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