Sunday family brunch at Cafe Eight


The Baby Barangay was invited to go on a staycation at Crimson Hotel Alabang last week, and as expected, we had a wonderful weekend of chaotic fun. The kiddos had a blast exploring the hotel, as they swam, loaded up on treats and ice cream, and did impromptu playdates in each other’s rooms. The parents, on the other hand, used this time to relax, sleep-in, and indulge in Cafe Eight‘s amazing buffet and unlimited wine. Of course, all this relaxing wouldn’t have happened without the help of our yayas, who took care of our hyper, sugar-induced kids the entire weekend. And the wonderful staff of Crimson Hotel, who accommodated our families and allowed our kiddos to run wild and free the entire time.

One of the highlights of this mini vacation was our Sunday Family Brunch at Cafe Eight. Hands down, this was one of the best brunches I’ve had in a long time! The restaurant offers an incredible smorgasbord of tasty appetizers (all kinds of cheese, cold cuts/salami/prosciutto), a wide variety of fresh and savory dishes (giant prawns and crabs, seafood paella, make-your-own pasta, and get this: all you can eat WAGYU steak), and an assortment of dessert (from crepes to chocolate mousse to all kinds of cakes and donuts). The entire Baby Barangay was so impressed and happy with the spread, we are now planning our return, including the grandparents, our siblings and their families.

I have to say though, apart from all that delicious food, I love that Crimson Hotel really went out of their way to create a fun play area for our children. The kids had their own room right beside the dining area, complete with a see-saw and slide set, a coloring area, face painting (they brought in an artist), their own movie screening and a buffet of kiddie-friendly food. I’ve never seen any restaurant do this before, so I was definitely happy with this little play area.

If you’re looking for a place to take your family out on a Sunday, this is definitely it. For only P1,600 a person (kids below 5’0 tall pay half, babies and toddlers are, of course, free), it is a steal and you get quality food (again, UNLIMITED WAGYU STEAK) and amazing service from their staff and crew. Scroll down to view our happy photos. Ill be blogging about our staycation next week! <3

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