Calling all GOOD Moms


What fun! <3 These mommas got a nice break from our busy lives and were treated to a yummy merienda, a hilarious movie and plenty of freebies. And it’s all thanks to super moms Andi Manzano-Reyes, Cat Arambulo-Antonio and Jackie Cohen-Antonio for making it all happen.

I have to say, this is a rare occasion. We mommies barely have time to ourselves, so when we get an invitation that only requires us to eat, mingle and have fun, well, we have to make sure we’re there. Plus, time with other moms is golden, as most of us lead crazy, hectic lives juggling family life, work and all things in between. Personally, I enjoy these mommy events, as you get to see old friends and make new ones, too. Gosh, how life has changed from all those dinners, nights out, and coming home in the wee hours of the morning. Now, we meet in the afternoon as we need to be home by 8 to tuck in our little ones. #Mommylife

It was a pretty awesome event. We had an amazing selection of food to choose from at Hole In The Wall, coffee at Toby’s, and watched Bad Moms at Century City Mall’s cinema. Oh, and we were all treated to so many freebies, it was crazy! Andi, Cat and Jackie even had a raffle after! Definitely my kind of event! Thank you again for the invitation, ladies. I had so much fun! <3


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