The day I wore: a black halter bikini


This was just what we needed! A break from the city (and for me, a break from blogging). My family spent the weekend at Dauin Beach (south of Dumaguete) and we had a wonderful time. I think Tristan enjoyed the most though. He finally had all this space to run and go wild while the grownups ran after him.

It was extra hot that weekend, but we were thankful for the sunshine (I checked the forecast before leaving and it was all rain showers and thunderstorms). We got a beach house via AirBnb and loved that we were steps away from the ocean. We could hear the waves crashing from our rooms, which was so relaxing. No doubt, we were happy to be there! ❤

img_0177img_0381img_9951img_0247img_0498img_0364        img_0511 img_0407    img_9971       img_0447img_0190 img_0203   img_0421 img_0424 img_0426    img_0502 img_0503 img_0510 img_0440img_0513 img_0535 img_0539 img_0592  img_9959  img_0208 img_0215    img_0350  img_0413img_0567img_0333


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