Our Baby Barangay x Butterfly Twists Weekend Getaway


I am all for relaxing weekends, especially when they’re with my favorite group of ladies and their wonderful families. The Baby Barangay was recently invited to a Tagaytay getaway, which everyone (including our hubbies, babies and yayas) enjoyed. I loved that it was hosted by one of my favorite footwear brands: Butterfly Twists.

I am such a fan of their flats–they are super soft and comfortable. Seriously, when I wear them I feel like I’m walking on clouds (amazingly, the reason why they are so soft is because the shoes are lined with memory foam). Plus, they are foldable too, which make them your perfect travel companions. All you have to do is stick a pair in your purse and whip them out when your not-so-comfortable shoes are starting to hurt your feet. Personally, I don’t see the need for this as I would just wear my Butterfly Twists all-day. But for those of you who need to wear heels (especially all you working moms), this is a great option for you.

So we were all booked at the stylish and chic Domicillo Hotel in Tagaytay. I absolutely love this boutique hotel’s modern-industrial feel. The hotel is a passion project of handicraft designer and exporter Rene Alcala and was designed by Budji Layug, which explains why everything is so tastefully done. And it only has eight rooms, which was perfect because we had the whole place to ourselves.

img_0800This lovely view greeted us upon arrival. Taal Lake is truly a majestic view.

img_0863Tristan had just learned to walk without any help that week so that was pretty much all he did that weekend.

img_0888Father and son moment.

img_0849Hello, Theo!

img_0926These two are just too adorable.

img_0896Love this momma right here, and of course, her little boy too!

img_0806What a view! This was at the roof deck of Domicillo Hotel.

img_0866The kids discover their shadows and were all too amazed when Carlos showed them different shadow animals.

img_0837Too cute, Juano!

img_0875These two were inseparable.

img_0923Lovely Cat and Nara.

img_0815Patty and Theo. The little guy was enjoying the electric fan haha. Simple joys.


img_0846Our little ball of energy, Theo!

img_0916Nara gives us a smile.

img_0901My Baby Barangay mommas with the babies. Nicole couldn’t join us this trip as she was down with the flu.

img_0937Our lovely room, and look, a paper bag from Butterfly Twists!

img_0947A room with a view.

img_0964So I couldn’t wait to try out my Butterfly Twists flats! Love them!

img_0985Next on the agenda, a relaxing massage at Qi Wellness Living, just next door to Domicillo Hotel.

img_1006Obviously happy to be there.

img_1012A trip to the spa wouldn’t be complete without a pot of tea.

img_1026My Baby Barangay girls and I love our Butterfly Twists!

img_0990This view never gets old.

img_1029We all loved our massages at Qi, thank you Butterfly Twists!

img_1073After our massages, we attended an arts and crafts class.

img_1060We were so inspired to paint and create!

img_1050We learned how to paint and decorate these plates. It was so much fun!

img_1071We all had an awesome time!

img_1092For dinner, we headed over to Antonio’s. The Lanai Lounge offers delicious cocktails–we had a few drinks before dinner.

img_1094Love the chandeliers at Antonio’s.

img_1114The menu specially made by Butterfly Twists for the Baby Barangay.

img_1120Carl and Cat.

img_1140This drink was just wow. If only I can remember the name! Haha.

img_1117The Pats.

img_1143Organic greens.

img_1128My little family.

  img_1147A must-order when in Antonio’s: Roasted Duck Breast with Fois Gras.

img_1127The Reinosos.

img_1134Meryll and Torto, who we invited since Nicole and her family couldn’t make it.


img_1153I think we closed the place haha. We had such an amazing evening.


Thank you, Butterfly Twists for this wonderful getaway! <3

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