Yes, woman, you are Unique as We Are


As it always does, PANDORA encourages women to ponder on and celebrate their lives. This season, it does so by taking women on a journey of reflection and self-discovery with its recently launched global campaign aptly entitled, “Unique As We Are”. In collaboration with writer, editor and stylist Tata Mapa, PANDORA Philippines decided to put together a book featuring the remarkable stories of ten special women, stories that tell how these women strive to live extraordinary lives in their own ways. The stories of these ten women, though unique to them, are stories that women of all ages, cultures and beliefs can relate to. Tata Mapa affirms, “for uniqueness lies in each women, no matter who she is, and what her circumstances might be. And it is a quality the need not be manufactured or created, only discovered, honed and admired.” Featured in the book are stories of artist Valerie Chua, healing arts practitioner and teacher Tin Jacinto, broadcast journalist Mitzi Borromeo, photographer and videographer Carmen Del Prado, psychoneurologist and integrative health practitioner Lia Bernardo, author Samantha Sotto, interior designer Nina M. Sanataria, artist and writer Grace Katigbak, consultant and coach Rachel Consunji and artist and creative consultant Chi Datu-Bocobo.


I attended the book launch and as expected, I met so many wonderfully interesting women at the event. We were all there because we love Pandora and what the brand represents. Also, we were eager to check out its latest collection that featured vintage style designs, vivid colors and luminosity. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. The newest collection is amazing–scroll down to see for yourself.

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