Why I cant get enough of #Downy BoomBoomPow


Since Carlos and I do our own laundry here at home we are obsessed with keeping our clothes soft and fragrant. We take our laundry seriously, to the point where we try and test different brands to find out which ones really work. Actually, Carlos is a little more into it than I am, and he even does his research to make sure our clothes, towels, bedsheets, etc. all pass his smell test. If you enter our laundry room you will see that our shelves are well-stocked with all kinds of cleaning agents, including liquid and powder detergents, and cleaning hacks like white vinegar.

I have to say though, when it comes to fabric conditioner/softener, we never run out of Downy. It is a staple in our home, as of course, using Downy on our laundry means our clothes smell fresh and clean all the time. And it’s true–since we started adding this to our laundry, we noticed how great our clothes smell even when we’ve been out the whole day!


I mean, of course, we’ve all experienced it before: wearing clothes with that awful “kulob” smell. It just ruins your day, and you cant wait to go home and shower! This is actually what pushes us to spend a little more time (and money) on our laundry. Carlos and I have been traumatized with this awful, musty smell growing up. We both remember those times in school when unluckily, our uniform didn’t dry well and we would have endure an entire day of wearing that kulob-smelling uniform. Looking back, that was pure torture as no matter how much perfume you spray, the smell would not go away. And so we vowed that when we had our own home, it would never happen to us (we are so meant-to-be together haha). Smell is such an important thing for us–we like smelling good (we both hate the smell of cigarettes, smoke and car exhaust) and we would really go through great lengths to make sure our home, our car, our clothes and everything around us smells fresh and clean.


That is why I was more than excited to attend the recent #DownyBoomBoomPow event–I wanted to test out this new variant and find out exactly how it works. I was not disappointed, because apart from learning about everyday malodors and finding ways to combat these bad odors, we actually got to see (err, smell) just how effective Downy is! Here’s how they did it: they gave all of us aprons that were washed with Downy. Then, they put everyone in a small kitchen and had celebrity chef JP Anglo do a cooking demo (most of the dishes used ingredients with strong odors like bagoong and fish). After, they made us smell our hair, clothes and the apron they gave us. Okay, to be honest, I had my doubts as to whether I would be able to smell Downy after all that cooking, but wow, I have to say, IT REALLY WORKS! My hair and clothes smelled like ulam, but the apron was like fresh flowers!!! I was even more impressed when we were asked to rub the fabric, because a fresh scent is released when you do that (I didn’t even know you could do that with Downy-washed fabrics).



So here’s how it works (I swear, you will be amazed): Downy fabric softener has Genuine Malodor Removal that does not just “mask” malodor with aromatic ingredients, but removes unpleasant odors completely through a chemical reaction that prevents odor-causing materials from being released again. This means bad odors are actually removed to ensure your clothes smell great all-day! Plus, it has Perfume Micro Capsules that are embedded on the fabric through washing with Downy. This is an odorless component that recognizes malodors, captures the odor-causing particle and alternates its chemical structure to neutralize the malodor. I mean, how amazing is this technology?!! Downy has serious boom boom to fight malodors and power up the freshness of your clothes! 




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