Let me take you on a flashback tour of our first home


Since getting married and having a baby, my definition of shopping has changed drastically. Shopping is no longer just limited to clothes, bags, shoes and makeup but to furniture, home accessories and appliances. Come to think of it, I am so much happier knowing I’ve found the perfect refrigerator or stove than buying myself an expensive pair of designer shoes. I guess I’ve finally grown up, as I’ve become more practical and domesticated. I’ve come to realize how important is it to invest in our home, as this is where we spend our everyday lives. This is where we eat, sleep and relax–saving up for all the conveniences like furniture and appliances is worth it as these ultimately make our lives easier.

I remember when we first moved into our house. We had just gotten married and the place was so bare and empty. I think the only things we had was our bed, a small television, my L-shaped desk (which we shared) that had our computers, laptop and gadgets, a small refrigerator and an electric stove. We survived with just that for a couple of months, until we got to slowly save up for the big ticket items like a big refrigerator, a gas range and stove, a washing machine and dryer, inverter air-conditioning, and eventually a couch and a big LED television. The reason why we didn’t buy everything all at once was because we wanted to save up for the best, so that we wouldn’t need to upgrade for a long time. We are more practical in that sense, and in a way, we already knew what we wanted (and we knew we couldn’t afford to buy them all in one go).

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As so, we waited. We got the refrigerator first, because we needed the space for our food as I was already learning how to cook. To be honest, it was such a relief to get an upgrade as our tiny refrigerator could only store water, a few fruits and veggies and some leftovers. Then, we decided to fix up our living room. So we got an LED television and a couch and Carlos set-up the sound system so we could watch movies at home. Then of course, we got inverter air-conditioning for the living room (we already had one for the bedrooms), which really improved everything! After that we loved staying at home and relaxing.

After a couple of months we got the big gas range and stove. We waited a long time for this and after I realized it was such a relief to have it. I couldn’t believe we lasted all that time with just an electric stove! The last big purchase we made was the washing machine–a must for every home, btw. We were having our laundry done outside and it’s not the same. We could finally take care of our clothes by washing them properly, and nothing was lost anymore. (Okay, so after I shared all that now I cant believe we endured all those months without the conveniences of these appliances. Wow. How did we do it?)

There is one trusted store we frequented during those many, many months, and that was SM Appliance Center. Seriously, we spent practically every weekend there just looking and comparing brands and models until we found the perfect one for us. I remember how helpful the salespersons were during these trips. They were knowledgeable and patient with my hundreds of questions, and they gave it to me straight so I can make the right decisions. They also have one of the lowest prices, which meant everything to us since we were really saving up for these appliances. Every peso counts, and with them I was able to shave off a few hundreds with their low prices. Lastly, what I love about them is they offer awesome terms like 0% interest rates for 3 months/6 months/12 months which to be honest, allowed us to purchase the appliances without hurting our monthly budget so much.

I visited the store again recently as I was looking for a slow juicer and I saw so many new appliances that any newly-wed (or any couple for that matter) would love to have in their home. I took the liberty of taking photos of these appliances, and had flashbacks to those days when we were still deciding whether we should get these or not. Ahhh, how time flies! I never thought this day would come when my house would finally be complete (well, not exactly complete because I still need that juicer). Here are the items on my wish list–they are all available at SM Appliance Center.


Soooo, as I found out, SM Appliance Center is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and HOORAY, they have an anniversary promo that offers up to 25% off for SMAC members/BDO credit card holders and Prestige card holders! This is super exciting, because hello, this means HUGE savings! And those of you who have the Frequent Shoppers Card, well, SM Appliance Center is giving away shopping credits, Vikings vouchers, and staycations to Taal Vista, Park Inn and Radisson. For more information about these promos, check out this LINK.

Visit www.smappliance.com for more details and LIKE SM Appliance Center on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SMAppliance.


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