Amazing Christmas gift ideas from National Book Store


Like most of you, National Book Store and I go waaaaay back! I was a serious bookworm in elementary and high school, and I had a large collection of books that ranged from Choose Your Own Adventure, Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley, to comics like X-Men and Archie. During those days you were very likely to find me in only four places: a bookstore, comic store, library or in my room, reading. So really, it comes as no surprise that one of my favorite places in the whole world was (and still is) National Book Store! I swear, I even spent my 12th birthday there with my friends and I have photos to prove it hahaha!!!

I used to spend hours there. My parents would leave me there for 2-3 hours and when they came back I would still be reading (and I already had a stack of books for them to buy). Reading was my favorite thing to do in the whole world (it still is but I have zero time for it) and I treasured all my books like they were my friends.

I got my love of books from my dad, who is a voracious reader. And I hope to pass this on to my little boy, Tristan. I’ve been reading books to him since he was born as so far he likes them. I’ve been adding more books to his collection, and his library is quickly growing as I tell his titos and titas to give him books when they want to give him gifts. Naturally, the best place to buy children’s books is National Book Store. They have an impressive selection to choose from!


What I love about National Book Store though is how it has evolved with the times. These days, you will find more than just books but also art materials, office supplies, toys/games, magazines, party favors, gift wrappers, and many more. You can definitely do your Christmas shopping there–they have the best presents for the favorite people in your life!


And that’s exactly what I did when I visited the newly renovated branch at SM City North Edsa. I was invited to do my Christmas shopping (along with other bloggers and influencers) but we had to do it all in 10 minutes! Of course, I happily took on the challenge. National Book Store is like my second home–I’ve memorized it like the back of my hand. I have to say though, the store never looked better. It is now bright, spacious and so well-organized. It was done by French interior designer Malherbe.


Was I able to do my shopping in 10 minutes? Hell, yes! I had so much fun shopping, and I was able to get the best gifts for the Baby Barangay. The kiddos will love their Christmas presents!


And now you’ll be able to do your shopping in minutes, too! Because National Book Store will soon be launching its new “Gift Generator” APP! By simply answering a few questions, this app can help narrow down your choices and provide great suggestions.


Oh, and for added convenience, you can now have your purchases delivered straight to your home or office. I am soooo excited about this! National Book Store now has its own delivery service via their hotline 8888-627. You can find out all about National Book Store’s latest offers at


CONTEST ALERT: National Book Store is giving away the cutest and most functional gifts to my readers this Christmas! The campaign is called PROJECT LOVE, and yes, it is all about spreading love to everyone through your posts! It’s super easy to join:

  1. Post a PROJECT LOVE photo on Instagram. It could be any photo of you showing lots of LOVE to your family, friends, girlfriend, wife, dog, cat, etc!
  2. Share a brief story about this photo in the caption.
  3. To qualify as an entry, add the hashtags #GiftsTheyllLoveAtNBS #ProjectLOVEKelly and tag me @kellymisa and@NBSALERT.
  4. I will be selecting SIX WINNERS who will each be receiving a SPECIAL GIFT PACKAGE with well-curated premium products from National Book Store (I’ve posted the photos of the items you can win below)! The winners will be notified directly via DM by the end of the month.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-12-46-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-10-22-pm  screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-12-11-pm

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