Why I am a no compromise parent

I remember there were more than a few nights when I was still pregnant with Tristan when I would reflect and really think about what kind of mom I will be (yes, those were the kind of thoughts that went through my preggy brain). Will I be a strict and controlling mom, like always on top of things and never letting anything slip by me? Or will I be a chill and relaxed mom, which is on the other end of the spectrum–always saying yes and just allowing things to take its course. As I pondered on these thoughts, my husband said something that made a lot of sense: you can never really decide on what kind of mom you will be, you will still be you, but then, you will also be a mom. That put a lot of things into perspective–I don’t have to lose who I am just because I will become a mom, I can be my own version of a mom (thank you Carlos, for once again calming down my crazy brain).
No doubt, being a first-time mom can be really scary. All of a sudden you are responsible for the life of this other person, and he is totally dependent on you for food, clothing, love and affection. And there’s no break from being a mom, no vacation, forever and ever–you will always be a mom no matter what and that means that part of your brain is always switched on. From what people tell me, it never goes away–the caring, the worrying, the love. For the first few months, I remember being so scared to make mistakes that I was afraid to be hands on with my baby. I mean, I did it–I breastfed and changed diapers and cuddled and loved my baby, but there was always that fear in the back of my mind that I might mess it up and do something horribly wrong. And that’s why I didn’t sleep well for the first six months.
Of course, now it’s much better as I am now one year and four months into motherhood. I have learned a lot of things about myself, my husband, and most definitely my baby in this short amount of time. And looking back, I still cant define what kind of mother I am other than I am myself, but now also a mom. There are certain things that I allow and just let it take its course, and there are also things that I will not allow to happen. In a lot of ways it feels like a juggling act, going back and forth with my rules and principles. However, when I really think about it, there are some things that I will not compromise, and the number one thing is SAFETY.
I will do just about anything to keep Tristan safe, healthy and happy. So I make sure all the products he uses are safe and effective. Some of my favorite brands include Cycles, Cradle and Cycles Sensitive, which have a wide range of products that I use on Tristan everyday. This includes Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser, which effectively cleans my baby’s bottles, plates and utensils (it is also great for washing fruits and vegetables) and is safe as it is made from natural and edible ingredients; Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent Liquid and Powder, which are hypoallergenic, super mild and baby friendly, as they are free from fabric softeners, optical brighteners, bleach, dyes and enzymes; Cycles Stain Soaker, a mild yet tough stain soaker for baby’s clothes, linens, fabric accessories and toys (this is super effective, especially for removing poop); and the entire line of Cycles Sensitive, like the Baby Head to Toe Wash, Baby Lotion, Non DEET Insect Repellant Lotion, Protective Diaper Cream, Anti Mosquito Patches and Laundry Detergent. 
I am very happy to announce that the Baby Barangay moms are now the new endorsers of these wonderful brands! I am so kilig about this, as I really have been using Cycles, Cradle and Cycles Sensitive since I gave birth to Tristan, and I can attest to its effectivity and safety. We always have these in our home, and I always recommend these to new moms I meet. And like the Baby Barangay, we can all be part of a community of no compromise parenting. Moms, I am sure you are just like me and will not compromise your baby’s health and well-being, that’s why I am inviting you to join this great community of moms! All you have to do is click on to www.nocompromiseparenting.com, and when you sign up you get loyalty discounts and discover more about the mommy community. I’ll be making more announcements here soon, so watch out for it!

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