Why my family loves staying home

Home sweet home. Really, nothing can beat relaxing at home, especially when it means I get to spend quality time with my family. It’s funny, back in my twenties I could not stand being at home. I had to go out all the time, meet up with my friends, travel and see the world. I always had so many things to do, so many places to go, and so many people to meet. That was until I finally settled down and had a baby, and now my life is all about staying in. These days I enjoy cooking for my family, watching a nice movie or series on Netflix, and snuggling in bed with my husband Carlos, our one-year old son Trisan and dog Lily. I guess it’s what you call domesticated bliss, and I can’t seem to get enough of it.

I think one of the main reasons why we love staying at home is because we’ve invested and set-up our living space. We’ve spent quite a bit to ensure we are relaxed and comfortable at home, and that includes upgrading to high speed internet and subscribing to the latest platforms for internet television, online shopping, and video streaming. Of course, you know I am talking about Roku Inc. for internet TV, Netflix for all the best movies and television series, Amazon for online shopping and iWantTV to catch my favorite Filipino shows and movies, which are all made possible with the help of PLDT Home.

Yes, every home needs fast internet service, and so far we’ve been so happy with PLDT Home’s service. Which is why I am so excited to announce the birth of the PLDT Smart Home! Now, what does this mean for the brand and for its subscribers? Well, from now on we can enjoy powerful connectivity and an integrated suite of innovative, reliable and family-friendly products and services. All our favorite platforms can now be accessed easily and seamlessly, including all the ones I’ve mentioned above.

So I attended the grand launch of PLDT Smart Home and found out what we can expect from the brand (I even typed it in my phone). With this new partnership we can expect: connectivity, peace of mind, entertainment, as well as convergence and innovation.

1.) Okay, so the connectivity provided by PLDT Smart Home is brought to us by the country’s most powerful broadband, PLDT Home FIBR, which delivers the Philippines’ first and fastest internet of up to 1 GBPS. This allows us to do high-speed browsing, streaming, uploading and downloading, things we do here at home on a regular basis.

2.) Peace of mind is for all of us parents, especially the working ones, who want to feel secure about the safety of their children when they have to be away. They can do this through PLDT Home’s Fam Cam, a home monitoring system; Smart Watch, a multi-functional kid-friendly gadget; and Family Zone, a cyber safety solution. These are, of course, all best used with the PLDT Home Telpad.

3.) Entertainment is from all the diverse and compelling content we get using PLDT Smart Home–from well-loved kid-friendly content like games and e-books (Disney through Telpad) and sports (Fox Sports, NBA Premium HD via Cignal) to gaming (Steam) and video-on-demand (iflix). Subscribers also enjoy the benefits of compact access to information and entertainment through the most powerful PC in a stick—the TVolution Stick. Adding to this entertainment suite are the partnerships with Netflix, iWantTV and Roku.

4.) Finally, PLDT Home has pioneered the convergence of wired and wireless connections through the data sharing feature which allows subscribers to seamlessly share data to pre-connected mobile accounts with leading wireless service provider Smart Communications, thus revolutionizing the way families share and enjoy their high-speed connection.

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If these don’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. I seriously cannot wait to get our home connected to PLDT Smart Home!


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