10 reasons why you should stay at The Lind Boracay


It is no big secret that my little family loves the beach. We usually plan a trip when we feel like we’ve been in the city too long or when a long weekend comes up. It is something we look forward to and meticulously plan, especially now that we have Tristan. No doubt, we love beach trips because we create such wonderful family memories, but there is more to it than that–the ocean heals the body, energizes the mind and calms the spirit. The beach makes everything okay, and erases all the stress from city-living. This is why my husband and I will give any excuse to go on a beach trip, most especially if the destination is Boracay Island.

Back when we were dating, Carlos and I would always plan a trip to Boracay. But since we got engaged, married, and had Tristan we haven’t found the time to go back. This made me sad and nostalgic every time I thought about it (especially when Tristan was newborn and I desperately needed a vacation), and whenever I would feel this way I would jokingly ask Los to take me on a trip.

Well, my wish came true and we finally went! We were so happy to stay in The Lind Hotel–it was such a memorable, fun trip. I seriously didn’t want it to end. We were pampered and relaxed, and yes, we slept and ate sooooo well. Even Tristan had the best time, which made us doubly happy. Boracay is such a magical place for us, and now that we have our little boy, we’ve created more happy memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s funny, I remember a few months back, Los tagged me on one of The Lind Hotel’s Instagram posts. We usually tag each other on Instagram when we like something, whether it is a place we want to visit, an accessory or clothing, or a restaurant we want to try. Anyway, this was a photo of The Lind Hotel Boracay’s beachfront and it looked aaaaaammmmaaaazzzing! It was the type of photo that I wanted to be transported to right that very moment. So of course, I couldn’t get over that view and I was literally counting the days (and hours) until we got there. I had never been so excited to book our tickets and accommodations, to pack our bags and fly there via Skyjet–I was giddy all the way until we finally got to that gorgeous beachfront!

Now, I always thought it didn’t matter where we stayed as long as we were in Boracay. But after our wonderfully luxurious stay at The Lind, well, I think I’ve changed my mind. Where you stay matters, as it will dictate how relaxed and rested you will be, most especially when you’re with your family! After our stay here I realized how much I’ve grown up–I can no longer share a room with a bunch of my friends (or sleep on a pullout haha). I need space, a super comfortable bed, an amazing view, super cold air-conditioning and a super clean and complete bathroom. Oh, and it is a definitely plus when the food at the hotel is healthy and delicious!!! I am definitely done roughing it up–here are 10 reasons why you should stay at The Lind Hotel in Boracay.

1.) Their rooms are fantastic. I always book a place depending on (1) how good the room looks in photos, (2) how comfortable the bed looks and (3) how complete the bathroom is. These are so important for me, because why would I want to stay in a hotel if it isn’t just as comfy or at least better than my own room at home? That just doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, I loooooooved our room in The Lind. We were so relaxed and happy here, and the bed was excellent! My family slept so soundly on that bed. Oh, and one more plus for me was the Baby Amenity Menu that they offered–moms, you can borrow a baby bathtub, sterilizer, floaters, dining set, portable rocker and child toilet seat. They are complete! No need to pack your entire house in your maleta!


2.) The hotel is located at Station 1. As they say, location, location, LOCATION. If you’ve already been to Boracay you’ll know that Station 1 has the finest sand and the nicest beachfront. I know, that entire strip of Boracay is beautiful, buuuuuut Station 1 has the best, most unobstructed view and you have all the room to run and play without bumping into anyone. For our family, the location is so ideal. It is less crowded and noisy, which allows us more happy family time!

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3.) The food at the Lind is amazing. So for our first night, Carlos and I had a romantic candlelight dinner underneath the stars, which I don’t think we have ever done in the 13 years we have been together. And what a memorable experience it was! Tristan was fast asleep with his yaya so it was just the two of us. We were able to have a nice conversation and yes, it was pretty great to date again. The highlight of the evening though was the food–we were served an inventive but delicious array of Filipino dishes. This was comfort food at its best, but served in mini clay pots (which I loved). By dessert, we had to move to the restaurant because it started raining but it was good while it lasted. It was nevertheless a great night.


4.) You can request for a room with a view. I knew the room was going to be luxurious and comfortable, but I didn’t expect it to come with such a wonderful view. That balcony was huge, and the view was pretty awesome. It felt great to wake up to this every morning. If only I could bring this home with me! <3


5.) There’s a variety of dining options at the Lind. I loved that eating was never a problem during our entire stay at the Lind. They have Tartine, an all day restaurant where we usually had our breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast buffet is exceptional–it features homemade fresh breads and pastries as well as hotel specialties like their smoked salmon, sardines, sausages and pastrami. And there’s Crust, their beach bar where they serve yummy hand-tossed pizzas and fresh pasta. They also serve roast meats and seafood, which are cooked using an authentic wood-fired brick oven. Sooooo good!


6.) That infinity pool! It is pretty hard to top a beach like Boracay, but I have to say, the infinity pool at the Lind may prove to be competition. The pool is just gorgeous, and with a view like that you really cant go wrong. This is a great alternative if you get tired of swimming in the ocean (hard to imagine, I know).


7.) The Lind’s lobby lounge, +36 is a great place to hangout with friends. Day or night. Once upon a time I used to enjoy a drink or two with my friends. But since having Tristan and I started breastfeeding, I haven’t had a drink since. I can sooooo imagine hanging out at this lounge though–their bar is fully-stocked and according to the guests here, their cocktails are amazing! It is such a great place to relax and unwind.


8.) Boracay is super safe for kids. One thing I love about Boracay is that it is very child-friendly. Tristan absolutely loved the white, ultra-fine sand and cool, clear waters. There were no big waves when we went and we were blessed with great weather. Our little guy ran and swam the whole day and even built sandcastles with me. We had the best time! <3


9.) They have a Kids’ Club! The Lind Boracay is such a great option for families with small children, because they have a kiddie playroom with plenty of fun activities for children of all ages. This can help couples (like us) enjoy each other’s company as we can entrust the care of our kiddo to their childcare specialist.


10.) That sunset is just beautiful. This has to be my favorite reason as Boracay has the most beautiful sunset! I can never get enough of it, and I really made time to watch it every single day. Even my little kiddo loved it! We truly had a wonderful time, thanks to The Lind Boracay! We will be back soon. <3


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