How I dream big for Tristan, with the best education


As I was watching my son sleep last night, I began to think of what he might be in the future. So far, we’ve noticed that Tristan loves cars and is obsessed with wheels (or anything that turns or propels), so maybe he will be an engineer. Also, he is really good at concentrating on one thing, and he will really devote all his energies to find out how something works, so maybe he can be a scientist, a researcher or a doctor. Oh and he loves books–he always asks us to read him a story and intently listens when we do, so maybe he will be a writer.

I am pretty sure I am not the only parent who does this. We all dream the biggest and brightest dreams for our kids. Naturally, we want only the best for them. That’s why we work so hard to be able to provide for our families. If we can give our children the world, we would. We all want our kids to succeed and be the best they can be.

Of course, education is a huge part of this dream. I want my son to be able to study in an excellent school and have the best opportunities for his future. I haven’t really thought of where he will study, but I would want to be able to choose the best one without worry or hesitation. I mean, I know Tristan is only one and that all seems so far away from now (he just learned how to walk and talk). But then one thing I learned from my parents (and the Baby Barangay moms), is that it is never too early to start saving and thinking about investments. Actually, it makes perfect sense to start now because by the time my son will go to college at 17, I would have been able to save up a big nest egg for him.

Can I just say, I had no idea how crazy expensive tuition fees are! I assumed it was relatively affordable, because my parents were able make four of their kids study in good schools—from elementary to college. They seemed to know what they were doing so I didn’t think much of it. Until I learned how much it is now and wow—I could not imagine paying that much per semester! Seriously, where would we get the money?


So, okay, I’ve made it clear that it is not like me to think about these things. And that’s why I am so glad I opened up about education (and how expensive it is) on the Baby Barangay chat room, because I got a wealth of information from my girls. They basically showed me how I can start saving and where I can put my investments so that when Tristan gets to college, he can choose any university he wants. Imagine making your kid study in the best school and not having to worry about tuition—what a dream!

I’ll be doing another post about this explaining everything I learned from my girls. In the meantime, let me just do a little intro on Future Scholar and Philam Life.

Future Scholar is an investment and life insurance plan that actually gives guaranteed education benefits and long-term growth potential. It is really more than an education plan, because it erases all the fears and worries you may have for yourself and your child’s education. This has been one of the best investments I’ve been introduced to, and I know that my son will have a bright future ahead because of this. Stay tuned for my next post about this! I’ll explain what this is all about and maybe you’ll sign up, too!


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