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Hey everyone! Please welcome back my bestie, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso to my blog. It is such a privilege to have her here as seriously, she is my go-to girl when it comes to important life decisions. Education is definitely among our top priorities, which is why she devoted this post on making sound investments for the future. I don’t want to give anything away, so here is Bianca’s post: 


Happy new year! So nice to be back again on Kelly’s blog <3 I mentioned in my previous post how lucky we, the Baby Barangay mamas, were to be invited by Philam Life to an informative round table discussion on a product that’s perfect for young parents like us. You know, that even if our kids are still young, schooling has already been one of those topics my husband and I love to talk about and even discuss with my mama friends. I’m pretty much a segurista so I really feel the need to focus on this while we are still young and able. It’s wise to already set aside for our children’s futures. My parents secured my brother and I with educational plans and it really helped ease the financial burden on them. I pretty much am a believer of these because of my parents. I was aware of my tuition and allowance so I know how expensive college can get. I know a lot have hesitations about pre need plans, but I’m really thankful to this mother and daughter tandem, Ces and Genie who are also one of the brand’s top agency managers, for enlightening us and showing what Philam Life’s Future Scholar has to offer.


Future Scholar is an investment and life insurance plan that gives guaranteed education benefits and long-term growth potential. I love how this product not only assures you of your child’s education – with guaranteed savings and investment, but also gives you that peace of mind that the plan continues without having to pay future premiums if in any case something bad happens to you (death or total and permanent disability). This product even has an optional life insurance coverage for the parent and simple payment options making it a little less heavy on the pocket and more pleasing to the ears (haha!) as you can work on your child’s educational fund in 5 years or until he/she reaches the age of 17.


Like I mentioned in my first blog post, we parents only want what’s best for our babies and I really believe that providing them with the right necessities such as a good and proper education will set them for their future. I am in full support of their dreams, whatever those may be, and I know looking into securing a good education for them will jumpstart this. Learning doesn’t come cheap and we are well aware that college gets really costly so it would just be right to partner with companies who share this dream with us and will take care of it by providing more than just the basics and making life easier for us. I believe Philam Life has earned the trust of many parents and families, with over P10 Billion worth of education benefits since 2004 to 2016 and 50,000 scholars (education payouts as of May 2016). With them, I feel we are valued and given the utmost attention.


Check out http://www.philamlife.com/en/our-products/education/future-scholar.html to know more! And would really love to connect! I’m @biancassantiago on Instagram and Twitter. Cheers!

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