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This New Year is extra special because (yay) we’re moving to a new home! I have to say, it has been a crazy mix of emotions ranging from happy and excited, nervous and anxious and overwhelmed and stressed. As I continue to pack our lives in boxes, I begin to realize how many wonderful memories we’ve created in this little house we’ve been living in for three years. We’ve spent most of our married life here (haha, we’ve been married for four years), I got pregnant here and Tristan spent his first year here. I am surely going to miss this house! But at the same time, I am very excited for what’s to come.

Our new home will be bigger. There will definitely be more room for my family, and Tristan will have more space to run, hide and play. Also, we will finally be able to invite people over for dinners and parties. This is something Carlos and I have always wanted to do, but because of limited space have never gotten around to doing. I couldn’t be happier and more optimistic about this move–this will be good for us. And though I am a little nostalgic, there is just so much to look forward to, and that includes decorating our new home!

We need more than a few things for this bigger house, and that includes: a bigger couch for the living area, more dining chairs, a new set of plates (good for 10-12), a desk for Tristan’s room, more pots and pans (and a paellera), matching towels, and plenty of organizing bins. This is quite a long list, and with the renovation and expenses for the move, well, to be honest, we don’t really have a big budget for all of this. So naturally, I headed to SM HOME, because everyone knows this is the place to find a wide variety of quality items that wont break the bank. I went to the one in SM Megamall, which was huge and well-stocked. And yes, I was able to find everything on my list and more–I had so much fun shopping for our new home!

img_1239I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of couches at SM Home. They look so elegant and chic! I love the color palette.

img_1191I need this entire set from John Lewis! We’ve been making do with a plate set good for four, and we seriously need an upgrade if we will be inviting people over.

img_1233We need bigger pots and pans, too! These ones from Meyer look good!

      img_1278I know Tristan is only one, but since he has a bigger room now I thought we can put in a small desk for when he needs it for school.

img_1219This is what we need! More organizing bins for my makeup, Carlos’s gadgets and Tristan’s toys.

img_1193I really love this set from John Lewis! <3

img_1283So many couches and chairs to choose from! Love their selection at SM Home.

img_1255One more thing I need: carpets for the dining area and our bedroom!

img_1234I bought this straight away–every house needs a paellera!

img_1236I’ve been meaning to buy a big outdoor grill for the house, but since we don’t have enough budget for it at the moment I thought this would do!

img_1223Faux flowers to brighten the home. This is good to have when you don’t have the budget to buy fresh flowers every week hehehe.

img_1267 A sea of beige, brown, black and blue couches.

img_1241Love how modern and new their designs are!

img_1229So pretty.

img_1286You can never have enough towels for your home. These ones from Canadian are super soft and fluffy.

img_1196Love this splatter design.

img_1206These leaf prints are super nice and inexpensive (no need to think about framing costs).

img_1309Another option for plates is Corelle. These are great for everyday use!

img_1212We also need light fixtures for the living room and dining area. I’m glad I found this aisle.

img_1194More pretty plate options.

img_1199Beddings! I need this for the guest room.

   img_1322I certainly look like a happy customer haha. Really enjoyed my shopping experience.

img_1214More organizing bins and hampers.

img_1200This would look so pretty in our room.

img_1205Tristan’s room has a nautical theme–these would be perfect!


Here come more exciting news: SM HOME will be having its Grand Clearance Sale from now until February 5, 2017 (limited stock and availability of items depending on the branch). Be sure to drop by to find amazing deals for your home.

Visit their website: www.smhome,, Facebook page: SM Home, Instagram: @smhome, Snapchat: SMHome_PH and Twitter: SMHome_PH.

Happy shopping! <3

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