Tricks of the Trade: Hair care rules for busy mommas

When it comes to taking care of our hair, most of us usually take a relaxed, and somewhat lazy approach. This is understandable, especially for us moms who don’t have an extra minute of me-time to spend in the shower. There’s no shame in this, because really, who has the extra hours to sit in a salon chair (though that sounds so amazing right now) or 30-minutes to spare in the shower to apply a mane-saving concoction? Being a mom is a full-time job, which basically requires all of our free time (not complaining though). So naturally, hair care takes a backseat, and our once happy and healthy mane becomes damaged after years of neglect.

I know, I know. It is just hair. There are more important things in life, right? Well, actually hair had the power to make you look and feel good. Do you remember the last time you woke up to great hair and immediately felt more beautiful, confident and ready to take on the day? If you don’t remember the last time you felt this, well, I think it’s time to follow these fast and easy tips to keep your hair in tiptop shape. And no, I promise, these won’t take up your entire day–here are hair care rules for gals who have no time for it.

Eat your way to healthy hair.

If you don’t have time to get deep conditioning treatments, then the next best thing is to eat a balanced diet. Eating green vegetables, algae and fruit are excellent sources of important vitamins and trace elements, all necessary for hair to be thick and shiny.

Switch to sea salt.

Celtic sea salt can do wonders for our bodies, most especially to our scalp and hair. It contains over 80 trace elements that are essential for revitalizing hair and preventing hair loss. Use it for everyday cooking and take a pinch daily to see long-term health results.

Make it a monthly habit.

One way to keep your hair looking great is to book that salon appointment every month. Getting a trim and having your roots touched up regularly will save you more time in the long run as your hair will always be maintained. Your stylist and colorist won’t have to keep you at the salon to cut, color and treat your neglected hair. And you will slash your daily styling time in half because you have a great cut and color. Girl, you deserve this! Tip: Pre-book your next visit before leaving the salon to ensure you keep your appointments.

Try using minimal shampoo.

As tempting as it is to squirt a big amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand, don’t. Most shampoos can dry your hair out, and in the process cause your scalp to produce more oil. An oily scalp with dry, frizzy hair is not sexy. My suggestion is to shampoo less, or if you cannot go without it, dilute your shampoo with water.

Mix it up.

Alternating your hair care products can strengthen your scalp’s immunity toward one product. Have two sets of different brand shampoos and conditioners in your shower and switch it up every time. They will help your hair stay healthy, and it won’t get used to one product.

Cider rules.

There are many uses for apple-cider vinegar, and another is to cleanse and stimulate the scalp. This wonder product (that can be used for cooking and cleaning) has been known to help with dandruff, scalp itchiness, and hair thinning. Simply apply a small amount on your scalp when you shower to see results.

Cool rinse.

This is an old trick to get shiny hair, and it works: after washing your conditioner out with warm water, rinse hair with cold water. What it does it it closes the cuticle layer that protects the hair shaft and provides a smooth surface for the light to reflect. It also creates volume because each hair strand stands up when washed with cold water, and it firms up the tissue surrounding it.

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