What to do in Universal Studios, Trick Eye Museum & Madame Tussauds in Singapore

The other day, I came across a fellow mom who asked me about my recent Singapore trip. She saw my posts on Instagram, as well as a few of my blog posts and wanted to know where to go and what to do on her next trip. She has two little girls and wanted to take them on a family vacation but she wasn’t sure what sort of activities they would like. So I gave her an itinerary of my trip, which she followed to the letter. When she came back she shared with me the places her daughters especially loved, so I can in turn share to my readers. The top three on her list were Universal Studios Singapore, Trick Eye Museum and Madame Tussauds–she and her girls had the best time in these places and they have the photos to prove it.

I, of course, couldn’t help but agree with her as my family really did have an awesome time going to these places. We enjoyed so much, even when Tristan was sleeping on my chest (it was his nap time so I wore him using a baby carrier). I don’t know what it is about theme parks and pop culture museums but they are always so much fun. Carlos and I were laughing the entire time while snapping photos left and right. And Tristan naturally joined in the fun, after seeing how happy we were. So okay, I thought you might want to visit these places for yourselves so I listed down all the info you need to know before going for a visit. I am pretty sure you will love it just as much as we did!

1.) Universal Studios Singapore. This wasn’t our first time at Universal Studios Singapore, but it was Tristan’s. So Carlos and I decided to do everything our little boy wanted to do. So we spent the day at Sesame Street, Madagascar and Never, Never Land (right beside Shrek’s swamp). We couldn’t have been happier, as we saw how much our little guy laughed and smiled at the popular cartoon characters he met that day. And another thing I discovered is that he is like me: he loves rides! He rode a mini roller coaster and was so brave–he didn’t cry or whine, he was laughing the whole time.

We truly had an amazing time here, and this is one place I can recommend to families of all ages. This is the only place where you can experience cutting-edge rides, shows and attractions based on our favorite blockbuster films and television series. Some of the must-visit rides include Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. I suggest you grab a map as soon as you get to Universal Studios so you don’t miss out on any of these rides.

img_3389Walking around Universal Studios was a visual treat on its own. Our little guy loved it!

img_3369This was super fun, and a must-ride for kids of all ages. Sesame Street’s Spaghetti Space Chase! We had a blast here.

img_3365It was nearing Halloween when we went so there were so many colorful statues and decorations everywhere! Note to self: go to Universal Studios during Halloween.

img_3386Can you guess where this was taken? Shrek’s famous swamp, of course!

img_3396Celebrity sighting: Puss in Boots in the flesh! How cool is that?!

img_3409Tristan kept pointing at this dinosaur ride, so of course, we went ahead and rode it. He was so amazed.

img_3382Hello from our Madagascar buddies! We just had to take a family photo here. We love Madagascar!!!

img_3368     I don’t think its possible to go hungry in Universal Studios. They offer so many yummy snacks, like this cookie bar by my favorite Cookie Monster!!!

img_3313Really enjoyed exploring Universal Studios. Seriously, there is so much to see. You can just let you kiddos run wild and have crazy fun!

img_3488Nope, I didn’t have a problem going around since this little guy loves walking. We walked all day and loved our Universal Studios experience.


2.) Trick Eye Museum. I wrote about this interactive 3D museum before, but I loved our visit here so much so I am including it again on this list. We had so much fun here! The Trick Eye Museum makes use of the Trompe-l’oeil technique (it means: “trick of the eye”) which uses optical illusion art and presents it from a modern perspective. This is a different kind of museum because you are allowed to touch everything, it is totally interactive and you need your camera to appreciate the art!

img_3432Totally feeling this ballerina pose. Hahaha.

img_3424I had to convince Carlos to go on this one. So surprised he said yes! So cheesy! And yay, this totally matches my Keith Harring t-shirt.

img_3451Tristan with our lovely tour guide, Josephine. She was by far one of the coolest tour guides I’ve met. She helped Carlos and I take care of Tristan since we weren’t able to bring our nanny. Not part of her job description but she gladly did it! We love you, Josephine! <3

img_3435Not a lot of people know, Carlos actually knows how to ride. He took equestrian classes when he was a kid.

img_3471Tristan, we’re being swallowed whole by this gigantic fish and you look sleepy hahaha.

  img_3464Loving this moon and cloud set-up. <3

img_3431Upside down! Took about 5 takes to get it right, but we got it!

3.) Madame Tussauds Singapore. If you love celebrities and have always dreamed of meeting them, well, then this is for you. This super cool wax museum allows you to “meet” your favorite celebs and take selfies with them. I’ve been to the one in Los Angeles, but I just had to visit this one as it showcases both local and international celebrities. The fan in me was excited to be there–how interesting it was to see how tall my idols are and how they might look in real life! So while Tristan slept on my chest I had my husband Carlos take my photos with my favorite people, including E.T.! Oh, and a bonus for this Madame Tussauds: you get to ride ‘Spirit of Singapore’, a boat ride that takes visitors on a journey, celebrating everything that is iconic about Singapore (from Marina Bay Sands to the F1 Night Race). Tristan was fast asleep, but this was something Carlos and I enjoyed because we got to know more about Singapore’s rich history and got a deeper appreciation for our wonderful trip. I didn’t bring out my camera for this one because I wanted to take it all in. I have to say though, it is a must-see when in Madame Tussauds!

img_3583Phone hoooooooome! Yup, that me, Tristan and E.T. flying over the moon!

img_3514Really the cutest couple, ever! Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and wife Kwa Geok Choo–an inspiration to many!

img_3552Yup, I really enjoyed being interviewed by Oprah herself. Tristan, wake up!!! It’s Oprahhhhh!!!

img_3600Having a moment with Andy Lau.

    img_3510And one with former President Obama himself.

    img_3561KYLIE!!! Love this lady right here.

img_3618What a day! Had so much fun meeting A-list stars, musicians and athletes! <3 We will be back soon!!!

Hope you had fun visiting these places–they are great fun with family and friends. Oh, and watch out for my next post, it will be all about where to eat in Singapore. <3

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