Finally, campaign photos from that Asian cruise with Eye Society

This is it! <3 The reason behind that wonderful Asian cruise we took: to shoot the latest campaign for Eye Society featuring the best eyewear brands, like Prada, Miu-Miu and Rayban (to name a few). It was the best kind of work, because we were basically shooting a campaign while on vacation. The best part: I got to bring my family, which really made it quite perfect.

Special thanks to Star Cruises for taking care of us throughout the entire trip, as well as Eye Society for showing us how to travel in style. It was definitely a trip to remember. I absolutely love that I have all these gorgeous photos and videos to remember the trip by. Photos were by amazing lensman Jerick Sanchez, and videos by the equally talented Paolo Zulueta. Other influencers on this trip were Brent Javier and Catriona Grey, who are featured in the videos below.

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