7 things to look for when buying a new air conditioner

There was a time when my husband and I were using two very old, very noisy window-type air conditioners. We had just gotten married and had moved into our first apartment. We didn’t have the budget at the time to buy brand new air conditioners, so we inherited two antiquated units from both our parents. Looking back, it was like those two aircons were competing for the worst appliance of the year because apart from being bulky and noisy, they did not efficiently cool our rooms (we still felt hot) and when we used them our electricity bill significantly went up. After getting maybe the third or fourth high electric bill, we decided they had to go. It was high time we used that wasted money from our electric bill to purchase an air-conditioning unit that was cool, efficient and an energy-saver.

We got an LG Inverter-Technology air-conditioner and so far (it has been four years) we are very happy with it. In fact, I feel like we hit the jackpot with that unit, because the master’s bedroom is super cold, and we all sleep so well because of it. Of course, that purchase is all thanks to my husband, who convinced me to look into inverter technology. His pitch was: we could leave it on all-day and our electric bill would not skyrocket like it did with our window-type energy guzzlers. He was absolutely right, and to be honest, that super cold room saved me many times during my pregnancy when it was absolutely the hottest time of the year and I couldn’t breathe because it was so hot and all those months taking care of my newborn (who is now two–time flies).

So, now that we’ve moved to a bigger place (an actual house), we’ve been looking to buy an air conditioner for our living room. The house can get pretty hot during the afternoons, and super humid when it rains so we really need a unit that will be able to cool the entire area. Of course, the brand: LG immediately came to mind so we looked into their newest models.

Looking back, I find it so funny that I actually believed all air conditioners were basically one and the same. Like I was convinced that they all used the same technology and parts, but what made them different was the branding and price. If it were not for my husband I would’ve probably made a mistake and ended up buying another inefficient, energy-draining aircon!

We were immediately drawn to the LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC. This is from their Premium Smart Inverter line, and I swear, all I could think of was how comfortably cool my living would be when I have it installed. I was sold on all its amazing features, and I couldn’t wait for it to get to my house.

Now, how has it been so far? Well, okay, so it’s been one week since the installation and we’ve been using it every day since. And in that short amount of time, I had decided that we had made THE BEST DECISION, EVER. And I truly mean it. It is the best air conditioner I’ve ever owned/used/tried. The unit itself uses amazing technology that is so impressive, all I want to do is invite family and friends over so they can see how effectively it cools our home (you really have to see it for yourself to believe it). Let me share my reasons why I love my LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC:

1.) It uses an amazing, super efficient technology. Tech-wise, the Dual Cool RAC is equipped with a Smart Inverter Compressor and a Dual Inverter Compressor which reduces energy consumption by up to 70 percent (that is huge–I was just as shocked/impressed). The Dual Inverter Compressor motor has a wide rotational frequency and a higher speed cooling range than a conventional compressor to allow the RAC to cool faster, last longer and run with less noise. The unit also has a 25 percent larger skew fan which expels powerful blasts of air through its large outlet, optimally designed to fill spaces with cool air faster and farther. No exaggeration, this air conditioner alone can cool our entire house (it is a bungalow), including the kitchen and two of the rooms that are near the living area.

2.) It is unbelievably quiet. This is one of the many things I love about this air conditioner because you wont even notice its there, yet the room is so comfortably cool. The RAC operates at the world’s lowest noise level thanks to LG’s unique BLDC motor, skew fan technology and Active Low Vibration Control (ALVC) feature. For all you moms to be, this is the aircon of you–your newborn will sleep so well because of it.

3.) It has a “Comfort Air” option. With just a click of the “Comfort Air” remote button, the Dual Cool RAC adjusts the vane angle to ensure that the out-flowing air does not blow directly to the user and cause sudden drops in body temperature. This was my gripe with other air conditioners, it can get too cold when the air is blowing at your face. This doesn’t happen with my LG Dual Cool RAC as it self-adjusts! It also maintains an incredible capacity for dehumidification to provide the most comfortable environment.

4.) Another great feature: Plasmaster IonizerPlus. The LG Dual Cool RAC has the option that can  disseminate over three million ions to sterilize and deodorize not only the air going through the RAC, but all surrounding harmful substances. Such a winner!

5.) LG’s trademark Mosquito Away option is amazingly effective. This feature uses ultrasonic sound to repel up to 82.7 percent of mosquitos. I mean, this alone is a reason to buy it. I absolutely detest mosquitos, and I am especially careful that they don’t bite my son, Tristan. I usually apply mosquito repellant spray on him even at home, but now no need because of this awesome feature! This can even be activated even when the RAC is not running.

6.) It has a Micro Dust Filter. This is a high-airflow, low-noise filter which employs a strong electrostatic charge on its surface to attract, trap and eliminate harmful microscopic substances and deliver fresh, clean air. Pretty cool, right!

7.) Also, it has an Auto Cleaning function. This is important, because it prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger. By eliminating the humidity and germs left in the RAC, the auto cleaning function removes all substances that might be harmful to human body, keeps the indoor environment odor-less and maintains the cooling performance and longevity of the RAC even after 10 years of usage.

The LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC is the latest energy solutions line of residential air conditioners with powerful cooling, comfort, convenience, and great energy efficiency. It comes in a variety of models for the different needs of consumers which includes Dual Cool Standard, Dual Cool Standard (Mosquito) and Dual Cool Deluxe.

Pricing of LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC
Standard Inverter: HS18IST – 45,495 / HS24IST – 52,495
Premium Inverter: HS18ISP – 51,995 / HS24ISP – 59,995

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