5 reasons why I switched diaper brands

Like any first-time mom, I went through practically all the baby brands out there to discover what works best for my little boy. Looking back, I went through soooo many products! From pregnancy to birth, my ‘essentials’ list was extra long, but in time I was able to decipher which ones were really needed and which ones were just extra. And these were just mommy/newborn brands! I went through more baby products for Tristan’s first year, until I finally decided to stick to my tried and tested brands that I remain loyal to. It was a long and arduous process of trial and error, but I guess all of that comes with being a mommy. We want the best for our babies, and we wont stop until we’ve found the most effective products for our kids.

When it comes to diapers, well, I couldn’t have found a more perfect brand. I actually discovered Pampers Premium Care when my family was on vacation and I needed to buy diapers for Tristan. The name called out to me in the grocery store, and as soon as I tried it, I was sold. These were absolutely the best diapers I have ever tried, and I never looked back since. When we got back to Manila, I made sure to make the switch and I immediately looked for Pampers Premium Care. I was ecstatic to find out it was available in my favorite grocery stores and the rest is history. I’ve been using it on Tristan ever since.

That’s why I am sooooo happy, thrilled and excited to be part of the Pampers Premium Care family. I have been invited to endorse this amazing brand, along with lovely mommas Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and Cat Arambulo-Antonio. Together with our kiddos, we have been spreading the word about the best diaper you can ever buy, which is, of course, Pampers Premium Care.

Let me share with you five reasons why it is indeed THE BEST DIAPER IN THE WORLD (in my opinion).

1.) Keeps baby’s sensitive skin dry all night long. I remember the first time Tristan got a diaper rash. It was red and painful, and he cried non-stop whenever we would change his nappies. I kept trying different solutions to prevent it, including a slew of diaper rash creams. Then it hit me, it must be his diaper that is causing all this! True enough, when I switched my baby never got a rash again. It is because Pampers Premium Care diapers have a special Absorb Away Liner built in, which pulls wetness and diaper mess away from baby’s skin. This allows my Tristan to stay dry thoughout the night, so we never have to worry about rashes.

2.) Hypoallergenic, made from super soft material and is soooo thin. This is definitely the thinnest and lightest diaper I have ever used on Tristan. At first I thought, there was no way this would be able to hold all the wee and poo of my baby, until I saw it for myself. It truly is effective! More importantly, it is hypoallergenic which means it is less likely to cause skin irritation on baby’s skin. And it is so soft, it has a silky feel that most diapers do not have.

3.) Made with amazing Japanese technology. Most mommies don’t know that Pampers Premium Care is actually made is Japan! It is no big secret that the best diapers are made there, and this is no exception. The Japanese really do have a way of making the best products and this diaper is proudly Japan-made.

4.) Does not leak or sag. It is the only diaper I know that never leaks, even after Tristan had an extra big meal. My little boy is able to fill a diaper like no other, and we never had a problem with diaper spillage. The secret is in the Magic Gel Channels, that is able to absorb efficiently and distribute wetness better than any diaper. I know this for a fact, as I use this on Tristan everyday. It works, and this diaper never sags or gets deformed.

5.) They are environmental and social-conscious. Pampers does its part to reduce their environmental impact by using less materials to make their diapers (50% reduction on diaper materials and packaging), use smarter manufacturing methods (99.35% of all materials entering P&G plants were either recycled or recovered in the last year) and they even support happy, healthy babies around the world thru the Pampers-UNICEF “1 pack=1vaccine” program that helps eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT).


I couldn’t be happier to endorse this brand to you mommies out there. This is the best diaper brand I have come across, and you really won’t have to worry about leakage, spillage, diaper rash, and sagging diapers. Try Pampers Premium Care for yourself and see the difference!

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