Why you should invest in lighting your home

I never realized how important lighting is in a home until we moved into our very own house.

A little backstory about the house we are living in now: we were living in a much smaller townhouse at the time and we weren’t looking to move (we had just signed to lease the place for another year). But then we decided that my mother-in-law had to move in with us as her condition was getting worse and she needed to people to watch over her round the clock (she has early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease). And so we began looking for a house.

One house we visited was really spacious and had a nice clean structure. However, it was very dark and quite old, and to be honest, it had a scary vibe to it. We brought our good friend Macky Lim, who works for Philips Lighting to check it out, and the first thing I asked was: “is there a way to make this house look less scary? I want it to look new and modern. Can you do it through lighting?” Macky laughed at my question, but he assured me it can be done. Like a doctor, he wrote a prescription of lights we should get from Philips, and because of his assurance, we got the house.

It truly was the best decision, ever. We absolutely love this house we are living in, and it has become our very own happy home. I never thought lighting could make a difference this huge, but it has. The old and scary house looks homey and inviting now, thanks to the LED lighting we installed from Philips. We enjoy eye comfort lighting on a daily basis, thanks to Philips and seriously, I can never use any other lightbulb after this. Philips truly is the best!

Of course, I was more than happy to share my story during a recent Philips Lighting event. The brand unveiled their Eyecomfort campaign that aims to showcase the importance of proper LED lighting in Filipino homes. Along with architect Paulo Alcazaren and top makeup artist Jigs Mayuga, I talked about how essential it is to invest in great lighting, especially in a reputable company like Philips.

One of the highlights of the launch was the Philips LED SceneSwitch (which I use at home). It comes in two types: the three-step brightness lighting is capable of adjusting light levels; and color change allows you to switch from warm to whole day light. This is a simple analogous dimming option that is easy to install and doesn’t require a dimmer.

This is the kitchen setup, which is quite similar to my kitchen at home. All the lighting here is LED, which is bright, efficient and wont cause a dent on your electric bill (if you haven’t changed your lights at home to LED, well, there is no better time to do it than today).

Jigs Mayuga, talked about the importance of lighting the bedroom (vanity) to be able to relax and apply makeup properly. He shared his experiences he had with lighting and applying makeup, and stressed how imperative it is to use lighting that mimics natural sunlight, which Philips Lighting can provide.

And for the kiddos who go to school, Philips offers a study lamp that wont hurt the eyes. They are actually very comfortable and allows you hours of study time without straining the eyes (not sure how excited the kids will be about this haha, but the parents surely will invest in this).

It is always great to catch up with Jigs. We started out in the fashion industry at the same time, so we have worked together many times before. He is so good-looking right? He is my fitness inspiration!

Landscape architect Paulo Alcazaren talked about the importance of finding a versatile but efficient lighting that will cater to the productivity, mood and comfort of the family. He showed us how a living room should be lighted, thanks to Philips.

Philips Lighting, specifically their LEDs are really unbeatable. They offer the brightest LEDs that are gentle to the eyes (and the wallet). It makes sense to light up your home with Philips, because you wont need to replace your lights for a very long time, and you wont have to worry about quality. In the end, you would have saved more money because of its efficiency and quality.

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