My Travel Diary: Matuod Beach

Its been awhile since our last beach trip–I am so glad my little family found the time to go. The beach never fails to relax us, and somehow it feels like the reset button has been pressed after a weekend of sun, sand and water. I am so happy, my little toddler loves the beach as much as we do. He wanted to spend all day in the water! He is no doubt our little beach baby. And we got to bring Lily, our dog, too! We haven’t been able to spend enough time with our ‘first born pup’ so we were glad we all got to spend quality time at the beach.

We love this beach in Lian, Batangas because it is quiet, safe for kids and has a gorgeous sunset. We have so many happy memories here as we’ve been going back here for years, and we are more than happy that Tristan is now part of these core memories. Matuod beach will always have a special place in our hearts. <3

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