What the Baby Barangay ordered at Souv by Cyma

Souv! by Cyma is a new concept restaurant by Chef Robby Goco that offers a fresh and modern take on Greek cuisine. I have always been a fan of Cyma (and Greek food, for that matter) so I had high expectations for this lunch. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. If anything, it was able to exceed all my expectations–the food here is amazing!

The Baby Barangay (that’s me, Bianca, Cat, Nicole and Patty) went in at 2:30pm and the place was packed (always a good sign in a restaurant). We were definitely in for a treat, because Chef Robby personally took care of us and sent out the best dishes on the menu. Now, for those of you wondering what ‘souv’ means, it actually comes from the word: souvlaki/souvla/souva, which is a Greek dish made up of meat on a skewer. And since the resto has a modern Greek concept that focuses on spit fired meat, well, it was the perfect name!

Because of Cyma’s success, Chef Robby decided to integrate his top 12 favorite dishes in Cyma with Souv! which is why the resto still has the flavors we are so familiar with. But also expect more. Souv!’s menu revolves around the three souvlaki meats usually found in the rotisserie: chicken, pork and lamb. Which means the meats are incredibly flavorful and tender, and has a smoky delicious taste.

For lunch, you can choose their roastings which you can have in a wrap, salad, or bowl, served with your choice of side dishes. The best part is you can customize your meal based on your preference and diet (whether you are vegan, paleo, gluten-free or keto). And for appetizers, you can start with a range of mezzes from dips, to their spinach and clam fondue. For salads you can sample their Kinoa Salata, and for paleo and gluten-free options, they have the super Souv! salad. For big plates to share, they have a meat platter of their roastings, Greek Paella, Angus Beef Short Rib, Grilled Whole Fish with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon Emulsion.

Their dishes are perfectly paired with modern day Greek libations and everyday wines. And get this, they also have organic and vegan-friendly red wines if you request for it.

Sticky Chicken Wings P495. Fried chicken wings, honey, oregano, lemon, pickled onions, harissa yogurt.

Clams & Spinach Fonduta P530. Served with grilled bread.

Plenty of kwentos and laughs with my girls.

Strapatsada P280. Greek scrambled eggs, cherry tomato comfit, feta, Greek oregano, grilled bread.

Salata Kinoa (small) P480 / (large) P680. Lollo verde, quinoa, arugula, pine nuts, sultanas, shaved kefalotiri, dijon herb dressing, grated walnuts.

Cranberry Grains Salad (small) P490 / (large) P690. Puy lentils, bulgur, parsley, cilantro, red onion, capers, cranberries, cumin, honey yogurt dressing.

    Chef Robby Goco carefully explained each dish he served us.

Cheese Saganaki P480. Fried kefalotiri with peppered fig, jam and honey sesame. Served with grilled bread.

Cyma Roka Salata (small) P350 / (large) P530. Arugula, romaine, sundries tomato, candied walnuts, parmagiano reggiano, Greek vinaigrette. Add grilled octopus (small) P110 / (large) P200.

Happy, full and completely satisfied faces.

Pork Wrap served with Oregano & Feta Fries P520. Minted tzatziki, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, pickled cucumber, sprouts, feta.

Hummus P290. Chickpeas, tahini, evoo.

We were super full but could not stop eating!

Grilled Sous Vide Octopus P295. Laddlemono, smokey paprika, Greek oregano, parsley salad.

Meat Platter: All Three (Chicken, Pork and Lamb) P950. Good for two. Comes with garlic yogurt sauce, pita, juicy potatoes, pickles and Greek coleslaw.

Seafood Yiouvetsi P850. Squid, shrimp, clams and mussels, orzo, crustacean-saffron broth.

We will definitely be back soon! The Baby Barangay had so much fun sampling Souv!’s dishes.

               For dessert, we had Greek yogurt!!! It comes in Wildflower Honey, Crumbled Baklava, Carrot Jam, EVOO with flakey sea salt and Orange Saffron.


Souv! by Cyma is located at Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

For reservations, call or text +63949 481 9621

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