A surprise party for my bestie at Bar Pintxos

It was my best friend Bianca Santiago-Reinoso’s birthday last August 23 (I know, this post is more than a little late) and we decided to surprise her with an intimate party at our favorite bar and resto. Of course, I am talking about Bar Pinxtos, a cool little spot in Alabang that serves amazing food, wine and cocktails.

We were so happy our best girl got the surprise of her life (though she wont admit it haha). To be honest, we waited so long in the dark to make sure she wouldn’t see us (she arrived but went to the bathroom first) it felt like we were going to get surprised by Bianca! Seriously though, she was so happy because her whole family was there, as well as her AAs. We ended up closing the resto (they basically kicked us out haha), and as always we spent the evening eating, drinking and laughing. We love you Banks!!! <3




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